Ice Prison[WIP]

This project is being developed in Godot engine but I decided that, first, I create a game prototype/demo in BGE
A lot of work, maybe I don’t finish…but I enjoy it for now:)
…almost the whole game will take place on the science base (REUNION-research station) deep under the ice ocean.

genre : will likely be FP puzzle exploration adventure game with some story

Here is my project on Godot Developers Forum :

Reunion research base w.i.p…+submarine

the game story begins…:slight_smile:
…the plan so far is to do in BGE demo/prototype of the first chapter of the game which will take place largely above the ice in the wilderness

sounds cool, looking forward to seeing more!

I love the concept art. Looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks a lot guys
…yet another concept suit:)