Ice Skull [No.15 of my Skull Art Collection]

Ok so I did the Blender Guru Donut Tutorial 3.0 and it was cool, I did it because you never know, you may find out a new trick. for me it was F9! like how did I not know that?!?!? anyways, got to the geo node episode and saw this awesome ice generator being linked in his video description that costed $1 by Blenderesse on Gumroad, and damn they have some awesome Geo Node setups on Gumtree! so I super suggest giving them a look. So I made Skull Art with it!

Here’s a link to my full collection:

and here’s a link to the instagram post:

Anyways, I hope you guys like this one, also did you watch blender guru’s new beginners series? and if you did, did you like it, dislike it. lets have have a chat in the comments!
and as always, Have an awesome day/night!


This looks great! I whold love to see the geo node tree. :smiley:

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here’s the geo node tree :slight_smile:

Thanks! I,m trying to learn geo nodes.

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Nice! Geo nodes are awesome and I personally learn alot from other people’s setups. Hows learning geo nodes for you going?

Okay, I’m not too good yet, but I will improve with time. My first work was crap at texturing with nodes to at first, but now I love the workflow; I learn best by osmosis, usually by watching videos. I find time lapses very useful to watch. How’s your geo node progress?

Also, I just posted a piece of work if you want to check out. :+1:

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My progress is doing fine, I basically understand most things and I can put them to practice. The workflow is awesome, years ago I would look at node based workflows and be like “woah wtf!?! That’s like how?!?!” But now it’s like 2nd nature.

And yeah I checked, Trophy Rat I would assume. Looks cool, I like your other stuff aswell :smiley:

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Same their! Nodes look real complicatedat first bet are awlsome when you master them.
I looked at the rest of you work it looks good! I do like skull art so super cool!
I’d say the trophy rat is my best work. :+1:

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Thanks! My skull art has been a fan favourite within my little community. And yeah nodes are the best once you realise how they work. It kinda suprised me of how simple they actually are

Very true, its kind of like a map the first time is hard, but after a one or two you know it like the back of yor hand.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks! Though I’ve had a look and it doesn’t seem to be up there.
Triple checked, must be some sort of error, or I’m missing something?

Hmm, you’re right! I just added it back, sorry about that.

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All good :blush: it happens, sometimes I forget to update my own website :sweat_smile: (sometimes I take 2 or 3 days to update my stuff :joy::rofl:)

So it’s all good :blush:

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