Iceberg scene (Also my first post)

This is the first render I’ve posted online. I’d appreciate any comments/critiques you may have, especially about the Viking longboat.

Please click on the image to view it full size–otherwise it’s messed up by an image compression thing. :slight_smile:

not bad but i think need some correction to the ice shader of the iceberg,because it seems dark.a reference here:

The icebergs in my opinion could use a bit of SSS or a volume shader (or a mix of both). They look a bit too solid as of now.

Also, the iceberg in the foreground could use some a higher resolution in the geometry and a bit more jaggedness.

It’s a nice start, but I feel like it could still use a certain something (perhaps it’s the large and empty background).

It’s difficult to see the direction the longboat is traveling, because the sail is parallel to the picture plane. I know it’s a possible orientation, but with the hull obscured by distance, adjusting the sail position so the boat had a distinct bow and stern might help.

The birds in the distance appear too large. You might consider bringing them into the foreground (where they would appear larger) by reducing the atmospheric distance, or get them firmly into the background by reducing their size.

I like the overall composition.

Thanks for the comments everyone!

Part of that is because the sun isn’t shining directly onto the icebergs, but they should probably still be a bit brighter.

Ace Dragon:
The icebergs actually have a subsurface scattering effect, but I’ll make it stronger. I’ll also add a displacement to the iceberg in the foreground. Also, do you have any ideas how to break up the background? Maybe I should add some clouds?

That’s a great point about the longboat. I’ll rotate it a little to fix that. I’ll also shrink down the birds some.

Update render (A little noisy–it’s kinda late and I didn’t want to wait for it to render for long.)