Icecream and candyfloss/cotton candy

I have need for a few assets for a cycles animation job I’m working but I simply don’t have time to do everything myself.
Its fairly realistic world (i.e. not cartoon style) made up of food, so there’s fruit rocks, a milk river etc, both the below will be used as this worlds trees.

First is Icecream similar to:

Specifically NOT the Mr Whippy style where the surface is smooth, as you can see, there really is quite a lot of detail in there.

These are to be placed in cones and stacked like:

Procedural generation would be good but is absolutely not necessary, if it’s not procedural we should be able to get away with three different meshes rotated to different angels with a little bit of colour swapping.

Second, Candyfloss (cotton candy) looking something like this:

This one must be procedural as I’ll need a bunch of them. Volumetrics are the obvious way to make it but I’m open to suggestions.

I’m thinking it should take around two days to do the Icecream and one for the candyfloss (at least, that’s how long I would budget for myself), the time frame is fairly long (i.e. there’s no huge rush) but I would like to get all the assets in place as soon as is practical.

Please let me know if you’re interested here, in PM, or email to mortoopz(at) with a few samples, your rate and availability.


Sent you a mail just now…

O.K. that’s a good batch, I’ll be in contact soon.

Thanks to all.

I’m very interested in this job, I’ll send a proposal after school.