Heres a little work I did a while back when first trying out SSS, glossy reflections,transparency and displacment mapping. Post pro and comp is done in photoshop

Where can I buy one?!
LoL happy face ice-creams!


I will eat pixel dust and rate this topic with 5 happy looking stars!


Good job! I like it. The materials and the textures came out really nice.

Apart from apparent colour banding amongst the green colours, i think its perfect. 5 stars.

Mmmmmmm! YummY! ^^

Yah, very nice, your designs are always very funky and lovely. Love these cute icecream dudes…but it’s kind of cannibalistic if they eat each other, laughing… :wink:
Technically, the color banding is an issue (is that due to reflections or something?) but overall it isn’t a big thing. The Postpro fits well, except for the font of “Eat Pixel Dust”, but that is probably only my personal taste…

Nice to see something new, anyway :slight_smile:

Cheers for the feedback guys, will look into the banding issue though I’m not quite sure what 100% you’re both refering to, could be a texture is a bit low rez.

I have no idea what a banding issue is, but is it the chocalte material looking kinda, almost rusty :smiley: Especially on the eyelids. Anyway, awesome scene. I’ma gunna eatem

There’s no image anymore. I’d like to see it