Any C&C?

btw i’m working on some sort of object to be at the focus of the scene… i dunno what it’s gonna be yet though… could you possibly give me some ideas?

Possibly a demon :stuck_out_tongue:
a blue demon
nice scene 8)

Good lookin’ scene, if I were you I’d put a group of penguins in there… just staring… creppy yet cool LoL

Nice ice… is that a displacement material? I__ like the drippy icicles.
In the frozen part, you could put a cryogenic chamber or some sort of frozen mummy… you’d need to make a figure though… or maybe you could re-use that skeleton dude. Anyway, it looks cool… literally :slight_smile: .

kramer3d: yeah… that’d be cool. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments guys… I decided to incorporate this into a surprise final product (heh heh heh not tellin!).

How I did the ice and rust and stuff: Basically A LOT of procedurals (I filled all 8 texture layers) and displacement mapping. That’s how i got the ice to appear to protrude from the rusted pipe. and the icicle effect on the cieling. I will write a tutorial later after i have finished the blend on procedural textures so stay tuned!


CRANK the subsurf level and use beziers when possible.

btw here’s a closeup of the chest: