Iceking's Tutorial Section

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let them come…

(uruburei) #3

:evilgrin: Always with great ideas. Simplicity is grandeur!

(wolfgannn) #4

Good tutorial.

short and direct information 10/10.
sound 6/10.
need screen-cast key on.

(iceking) #5

i liked the music, lol. thnx for the notes! :slight_smile:

anyways, sneak peek of the next tutorial, where i will be showing yet another hard surface modelling method. this is alpha testing of the workflow without using any reference.

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(ctdabomb) #7

I liked the first one, and look forward to more. Thank you very much!

(iceking) #8

thnx, guys! i think this will be a trilogy before I start tackling other things for the tutorial.

if you can please follow the fb page

(Mr.Pilot) #9

Thank you! I was looking for tutorials like this.

(iceking) #10

quick render of iteration #2, tutorials about done.

(iceking) #11

here’s tut number 2 hope you all learn something, thnx!

(Hrafn) #12

I wish there was more information in the Grenade one. I am lost when it comes to the texture painting and without the screencast keys to help out I couldn’t follow you. Some things I have no clue how to do are: Fill with a color, find the fill brush (I seem to have others, no fill). Would love to see more info and perhaps a follow up where you take it to the finished render.

(iceking) #13

i will provide the missing infos at the blog site at their respective posts in the near future, i cannot go further than 10 minutes on my tuts and explain everything. my internet sucks.

you can download the sample blend file at the blog site too, for both tutorials.

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Very nice, never thought of modeling using displacement maps.

(vejn) #15

Thank you for great tutorial.

(schoggi) #16

once again : Brilliant !!!

(Taipan) #17


Thank You for these very nice tutorial.
And I really like Your sculpt addon too.


(thefronz23) #18

Thanks for these tutorials!!

A couple months ago, I was trying to “conventionally” model a sci-fi weapon very similar to your rail/twin cannons, and I ended up bailing because I couldn’t get it to look right. Your method is waaaayyyy easier and looks much, much better than my results.

(iceking) #19

Glad it was helpful bros, listen i’m gonna do a retopo tut first before doing the final set for the hard surface series, i think you will all like it

(GrimZA) #20

This time take it a bit slower, enable screen cast keys and navigate the interface a bit slower (on the first tut, i could barely see what you selected near the section where you used the fill brush)