Ichido Mech heavy environment

(alanplanes15) #1

After I was done modeling and texture the 3D mech I immediately wanted to put him in a metal scifi temple structure. So far no one has been able to defeat him to enter the temple and discover what it hides inside.

My inspiration and reference for the mech from this artist: http://reza-ilyasa.deviantart.com/art/ICHIDO-Heavy-armor-guard-213091256

(thorst) #2

I do like the modeling and texturing very much, but I think you need to revisit the compositing. In the way it is now, the contrast between the mech and the background is too small, and you don’t see which elements belong to the character and which to the environment. Making the background darker would help, in my opinion.

I also think that moving the sign at the top of the entrance to one side compositing-wise would improve the render. As it is now, on the first glance, it looks as if it was part of the head.

I hope you don’t mind the critisism.


(yoji) #3

Agree with Thorst, you can add more mist too it can help.
Except that i like the style of your modelling.
Happy blending!

(alanplanes15) #4

Thank you both! I really appreciate the feedback. I changed the composition a little bit. If I can I will add some more smoke fog effects.

(alf0) #5

Great work on the img, I would totally agree with them, but you also can add dof, it can help on making the forground and the background clear, Thou I must ask, how did you made this fx on the shield, it’s pretty amazing