My latest project. All feedback very welcome.

looks nice man, but the environment doesn’t really fit the scene. It looks to warm and green for an icicle to be there.

Thank you, Jamie. Good feedback. Maybe a little dew on the leaves or something. Thanks again.

Nice work and idea man. But I think the glare effect is over done or maybe its just me. Nice work overall :slight_smile:

Thanks very much, Sayan. I appreciate the feedback. I think you might be right. I was going for a lot of glare but at least the lens flare could have been a bit more subtle. Thanks again for weighing in. I love the help.

Fantastic composition, Dale! I would also love to see a version with less flare. Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you. :slight_smile: - Reyn

Thank you very much, Reyn!!! Your feedback means a lot. I guess I did flare it up a bit. :cool: It’s funny how it stands out so much to me now but didn’t when I was lost in the composition process.

Thank you again. And keep up the amazing materials!! :eyebrowlift2: - Dale