Icing on the Cupcake


Could you please give me an advice on how to create the chocolate icing/frosting/ganache (?) on top of the cupcake like the picture on the left-hand side of the picture which I have attached to this post?


I’m not a sculptor, but I think that it would be a great tool for that.

Great! Thank you :slight_smile:

or you could also use fluid sim or cloth anim to get the shape over the base of ice cream

happy bl

That chocolate cream on top?

Just make a box modeling which looks similar to that shape, give it subdivision, sculpt it around.

Believe me you don’t wanna try simulation.

Sculpting or remeshed converted metaballs!


Or You can do it this way…Used 2 curve for the ice and chocolate is just a cylinder extruded and drag a little down…Subdiv 2

I used the new Draw Curve tools to make the ice ring…Did it on the round shape.
Made the ice shape with a Curve cirle (Profile)…Used it as Bevel on the Icering…Easy to work with…:slight_smile:

The Chocolate…Is just a Cylinder 8 side extrude individual in T - Panel…Subdiv 2…Drag it down a little.

Subdiv do not like Ngon…Top and button of Cylinder…Select top in Face mode…Press I = inset do it on more time
and delete the Face…Do the same for the button.

This is just a first rough shape to show how it can be done…Need to tweak…But that shoulden’t be that hard.