Icon Change Blender Game Engine


New here. Have A question ,

Is there a way to change the Icon on Blender Game Engine runtime .exe in Blender 2.79
Without it Crashing ? Thanks

Try changing the blenderplayer icon (on Blender directory) BEFORE exporting the runtime.


Hi Joel thanks for your message,

I do that and it crashes in other words , once icon is changed Blender Runtime Does Not Execute. Changing icons no problem just does not execute ?

Did you do it to the blenderplayer, BEFORE exporting the runtime? Or are you still doing it to the created runtime?

Creating the runtime is basically just smashing the player and the blend together into one file and remembering where the split is. By changing the icon on the runtime, you’re changing the position of the split and that’s why it’s failing to run.

If you change the icon on the blenderplayer, then the split is referencing the right location.

As a side note, this is why putting your blend into a runtime gives you basically no protection. It’s trivial to break the runtime back down into its two components and open the blend normally.


The Dave saved the Day !
Thank You for your Quick response and Solution.
This has Helped Greatly
Thanks Again

Glad I could help!

Credit goes to joelgomes1994 though - he was the one that mentioned it originally.

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Thank you for your Help. TheDave and joelgomes1994 both job well done.

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