ICON - Concept rendering (Black and white)

Revisiting the ICON in a full black theme and practing something moodier in the fog white. Using this time to reflect on what I like and didn’t like from past designs in prep of new project. Designed in Blender 2.81.


great work

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Thank you. Appreciate the commment

Very good. I like the composition and the lighting. Could be better if rear lights were a bit brighter or glowed a bit more.was it rendered in even?

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Thanks jaison. This was done in cycles, as it still my preference for more realistic rendering.

How many samples did you do?
(If you rendered in EVEE then you could do a silhouette of the car with bloom effect.)

with this task, I did 2500 samples.

You’re kind of right about Evee. I only wanted the bloom effect around the silhouette of the car, but the bloom effect in evee does more of an overall bloom, which I don’t like. It makes the whole thing look to hazy and “Dreamy”. Plus there’s the issues with the lighting in evee that still don’t come off very realistic to me, especially shadows. It’s a great tool for preview rendering and certain types of renders, but I’ve never liked car renders using evee.