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Okay, so basically what I want is a list of all the bones in my rig represented by an icon, so when you click on it, it autoselects the bone. I think this could be done by setting the Selected Object variable in python, but I don’t know how to do that, nor do I know how to create a custom icon. I would be open to help or other suggestions.

System Requirements:D, The icons must have a custom draw type, preferably image based, and I must easily be able to organize and add new icons, preferably capable of multiple specified bones. (Both hands, upper masses, things like that.)



Oh, forgot to tell you why! Basically, I turn off force wire for all my bones, turn armature draw type to solid, and then the rig is invisible, cleaning up the workspace. I would settle for using the action editor for selection, but you can’t use custom icons there, and it’s not very well organized.

Turn armature drawtype to X-ray and select bones in the outliner.

Yo man! Thanks for your prompt reply! Unfortunately, your fix doesn’t really help. First, making the bones visible and x-ray really messes up the workspace, as you have wires all over the place. Second, I’m not sure how to select bones in the outliner, I just see a rig. The outliner also does not support organization in 2-D, and you can’t have custom Icons.

But thanks anyway!


This is an example of what I’d like to be able to do. I really hope this isn’t copyright infringement, I’m just showing you a cropped screenshot.

Okay, so. This is Maya, and as you can see, or rather, can’t see, the rig is invisible. He is selecting the bones based on icons above. This Icons are neatly grouped and organized in an X-Y grid. Each icon appears to be an image.

If you can see what I am looking for, please try to help! I would greatly appreciate it!


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Well IMHO that looks a mess. I s’pose if the user could draw each icon, position it and name it then in that users eye there would be some semblance of order. Sorry but I don’t see any order in that pic, but who am I to judge? I only know how blender displays and orders its “things”.

In the future you may be able to make your own icons but in the outliner each bone has an icon as well as the name of that bone which you can select with LMB or RMB-SELECT with the armature in pose mode. As I said theres no way to change those icons though. Click the dropdown arrow nextto pose or hit NUMPAD-+ to display the tree and all bones are arranged in their skeletal order, more obvious than the pic you showed I think. To clean up the outliner display you can change the ALL SCENES to SELECTED or ACTIVE or whatever you choose.

For the display I’m not sure why you insist on wire drawtype? Using octahedron or stick display as either shaded or solid the bones are all sufficiently and coherently displayed. You can also use the layer manager under display options to isolate parts of the rig on one layer while hiding others on invisible layers to keep your workspace clean.

Sorry if that’s not what you want but thats the way blender works.