Icon Viewer 1.3.1

An add-on for Blender that allows you to view built-in icons and copy their names to the clipboard.

You can enable the add-on in User Preferences - Add-ons - Development - Icon Viewer.


Spacebar » Icon Viewer
Text Editor » Icon Viewer
Python Console » Icon Viewer



Text Editor » Icon Viewer


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  • Added icon selection history
  • Added an option to auto focus ‘filter’ input field

Good Stuff!

  • Added an option to close popup on mouse click
  • Added an option to display icons inside panel


Just noticed I never thanked you for this addon. Its very useful. thanks.

looks great, we should replace the current icons addon with this one.
thanks :slight_smile:

can you integrate new icons? or can you just use the ones shown?

The add-on shows only built-in icons.
But you can use custom icons in your add-on.

How can i get the files them self, i want to edit on and use that for custom addon?

Link to svg file. You can convert it to png image using Inkscape or some online tool.

okay cool! many thanks!!!

This sounds great! Where can I get it? I see no links :frowning:

The add-on should be installed by default. You can activate it in User Preferences - Add-ons - Development - Icon Viewer.

Fantastic! I had no idea! Thank you so much.

thank you so much

Hi @roaoao

Could you please add toolbar icons?
I don’t find them in your Icon Viewer. :frowning:

Thank you.

Hi @xan2622,
Looks doable. Will try to add them.

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is it me or in 2.91 there is no more “Icon Viewer” button in “Python Console” window?
Here is in 2.90

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Maybe you have to make it active in prefs

I just ran fresh 2.91 and it asked to load 2.90 settings and I did.
So it should be exactly the same as in 2.90, but not …