I was wondering which of these do you is best. heres the link to the file.
these are the icons Normal Size.
1.http://www.wikiupload.com/file_store/upload_1/s_122386022544b565e682b7d.JPG2. http://www.wikiupload.com/file_store/upload_1/s_9963446344b56aff3c4e6.JPG3.http://www.wikiupload.com/file_store/upload_1/s_162010291244b56affd941b.JPG
Here they are enlarged.
Please post your opinions on them.

I like #1 the best. Did you make those yourself?

You can get this free software that is called IconoMaker. Take a render and or logo you made in 3d and place it instead of making those old pixelated thing. :slight_smile:

is Iconomaker free

i used iconomaker and modified it.
Please post your opinions.

If you already have GIMP installed just saveas and put the ICO extension on the end.

Common sizes are

The ones you want to focus on are the 16x16 and the 32x32,

in GIMP take your biggest Icon, and then make a new layer that is the size of the next smallest Icon… copy and paste your small icon into the bigicon in the new layer…

then just save as the .ICO extension! now you have a Multi-Resolution Icon!!

If you want to use another Icon application try for thease specs:

32bit color with 8 bit mask (best windows can handle)

Multi Resolution Icons (like I described above)

No Spyware… Coffeecup, Iconmaker, clik!,Icon Forge, and countless others are full of spyware (especialy Coffeecup!).

You can make Icons with M$ paint as well… just no alpha masking… Save as a bitmap, then in a Shell/DOS commandline rename the BMP to ICO. Theis is a verry poor method… it dose not compress anything and it will not palitize the colors , so your end result will be discoloured, and the Filesize will be HUGE.

well, anyways, I just suggest useing the GIMP for icons…

Hope this helps…

BTW i like the robot icon the best :wink:

I also use Inkscape for my icons… it will allow you to scale the logo to any dimensions, and upon export you will have verry nice clean lines (no jagged edges). later you can use the same Icon logo for posters and T-shirts if you want,
If your game is cross platform (can run in linux, or OSX) the linux and MAC users will want the .SVG format for their icons, so be sure to include the SVG as well as the ICO :slight_smile:

From inkscape use the Export to bitmap (it exports PNG with alphamask), and MAKE sure you specify the exact dimensions of the output. If you make the export image too Big and try re-sizeing in GIMP or photoshop it will make it blurry as hell.

ah… Thanks.

sure , NP :slight_smile:

Sorry for the Novel, I am passionate about Icons and oldschool raster art video game sprites.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

Most of the Icon applications i have tried did not support alpha masking so every Icon was square and opeque…

one note about GIMP…
there are 3 phases of alpha masking for icons…opeque,transparent,Masked…
if you want to make transparent areas in your icon (like see thru glass, or water) just edit your alpha chanel, and use absolute 128,128,128 grey. there is only 1 colour that is possible… 129 will be transparent and 127 will be opeque… so be sure to use the absolute value…
Happy Icon-ing :stuck_out_tongue:

is this what you meant by hi resolution. 2x

i used IconArt, Iconomaker, and Paint.

looking good.

i use a program called icon cool editor. its good for converting png images to icons. but as poof said i guess you can do it with gimp too.

cool! Everyone check out my icons too :slight_smile: (see my sig please)