I'd like to make a ring with curves...


I’d like to make some sort of a (wedding) ring with curves by extruding along a path because you have later less difficulties to change form and size of it. As we all know there is going to happen a classic bug when the profil passes the y-axis and turns 180°,like in tutorial (http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:Manual/Modelling/Curves). Has anyone an idea? I have already tried to subdivide further and to rotate the path with the T-Hotkey that made it looking better but this “180°border” stays…
In the picture I turned everywhere so the flat side is inside and the bent side is outside.

I’d appreciate any help

Thanks in advance


search the forum for rings

there are severals good thread on this subject with engraving

and you can also check out the yafaray suite for theses rings


hope it helps

Well first of all I’d like to get the ring complete, meaning is there a chance to reach this aim with curves properly? Or is it necessary to spin ?

why do you want the curve to be 3D i you’re only making a ring?


Have attached an example file which uses curves to make a ring.

  1. Add Bezier Circle
  2. Add second Bezier Circle and scale down
  3. Select first Bezier Circle
  4. Under Curve and Surface panel in BevOb type CurveCircle.001
  5. This should produce a ring.

If you wish to rotate the ring only do so in Object mode.

Hope this helps?

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Ring 001.blend (132 KB)