I'd like to store the blender tutorails loca

I get online via a library computer and would like to take the tutorials home.
If I watch them I’m cocerned I will like I nomaly do foget something, become really
mad at blender and then have to go back to the library and rewach all I just saw some days ago to solve the problem.
I must sress I looked at http://download.blender.org/demo/ and below I have
just about every thing there but could not find anything called tutorial.
I don’t have best movie and best animation etc.
I have NO idea how to operate the interface or anything.

For a great learning text, download the pdf at:

Or watch these:

To download youtube/vimeo videos, try one of the online site that allow you to do this, such as keepvid, clipnabber, or clipconverter.

Thanks! I thats what I’m looking for.