I'd love to change the world

But I don’t know what to do.
Heh, reminds me of an old song.

I think I would start by making wars illegal.

But really, what would you do? :confused:

Take over Canada and use them as a giant prison territory.

Theeth could run everything, but his mom would stay with me. http://vkgfx.com/misc/naughty.gif

Oh yes and saying “aboot” there would result in an automatic life sentence.

There are two ways to change the world :

  1. Good
  2. Evil
    The fastest way is the second and you will probably be remembered longer when you do the second one. The evil way includes killing a president, blowing up a nuclear power plant or something like that.

There are a lot of places in the world that consider war ilegal. Too bad not every place is like that.

I vote for this method! (sorry canadians :smiley: )

What places would that be? Name one country.

Japan can’t use its military forces outside the country (peace time missions, stabilization missions are not war).

And in my case, Brazil. Our constitution doesn’t allow us to declare war on anybody for any reasons unless to defend the country. The armed forces are also for self-defense.

Our air-force, sometimes, send bombers to destroy ilegal landing fields in the jungle (inside our borders). Some time ago a neighbor country asked the air force to bomb airfilds inside their borders, but they couldn’t because that’s considered using the military machine ofensivily outside the country, and that’s ilegal

I’m sure we can find some more countries if we search for.

I’d make religion illegal. Causes too many wars :frowning:

And that wouldn’t?

I’d try to educate people to think for themselves and to realise how stupid the present situation is so that we can change it.

And then every evengelical christian will side with the Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, ect… to remove you from power.

I’d like to make world peace and bring the world to an age of technology that matches and exceeds Star Trek and Star Wars and every Sci-fi movie. This also includes technology that allows us to take on different forms as in someone can morph into a Dragon as one wants.

Talk about how wicked cool the world would be then.:smiley:

I’d love to change the world

You already have! by posting this:



Like the country, name a religion that says go to war.

Other than that, it’s nice to dream once in a while. IMHO, they will always be wars, killings, murders over anything. If you don’t want any wars, get rid of humans.

Good idea! Let’s start a war against humans. haha

And leave just the nature lovers who will restore the earth to a clean and healthy environment and then they leave the planet thus leaving the planet all natural as the remnents of the great cities slowly decay.

God, can’t u make a post without saying “dragon” ?

I don’t think a religion state that wars is good…but they do create conflict of opinions and culture because the point of view from one religion to another can be extremely different. I don’t think getting ride of the diversity is a good thing…the human is great because of the fact it can view and live their life in many different way.

Altho…to not have wars…we’d just have to do this…get ride of the diversity and difference…and that would be plain stupid


Am I not considered to be the forum Dragon, do I not have the word Dragon emblazoned into my account here?

Do you Estonians not like Dragons?

I don’t think a religion state that wars is good…but they do create conflict of opinions and culture because the point of view from one religion to another can be extremely different.

Christianity, Buddhism and others do speak against war, however, the view on violence and war is different in the true meaning of Islam.
I won’t go into detail here but there’s been books on Islam that state this.

Maybe I would create a special place for extremists of all kinds where they could go and “duke” it out amongst themselves and leave the rest of the people alone to figure out the real problems they face.

Dont start to insult other religion mister preacher, there is plenty of book and stuff to say stuff against christinianity, so dont enter this subject. We wouldnt want this thread to be locked.

oh and…wake up buddy, no one here consider you as a fucking dragon or as wu arch-nemesis for that matter. You are the only one thinking you are cool saying those thing.

along with having the word Dragon emblazoned on your account, i think i just saw “Get a Life” burned into your ass
but hey, peace