Ida: believable but not realistic woman

Hello, all. Here is my current humanoid character. I plan to use her much so please be harsh.
Her name is Ida (pronounced “ee du”) which means “longing for wisdom and knowledge” in Irish, which shows her personality.
Some renders:


Cya, I’ll get more up tomorrow.

The best place to start would be with proportions if you going for realism than you should be aiming for between 7-8 heads for the whole figure. Ideally you should first model out a nude model. Clothes tend to fit and flow over the body so if the underlying structure is not right than the image tends not to look right. Try and get your hands on a good anatomy book. Bridgeman and Stephen Rogers Peck are two authors I would recommend.

Thanks, I did model her bare, but didn’t really feel like put it up here. I’ll post better ones. I modeled her after my aunt, as far as her proportions go. I’m not necessarily going for realism on this project. Please tell me what I can do better.


Oops, double post.

I’ve made her taller and adjusted her face according to the critiques I’ve gotten by my family.


turn off the blue background. if you do your model will look 5x better. really im not kidding. and turn on AO.

Ok no blue background, ao, material changes and eyes more highlights.


not bad, if you’re looking for a good character tutorial i truly recommend

I like it, works in a stylistic way I think. One crit would be that there’s like a sharp line that goes across the middle of the model which looks like a seam of some sort.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments.
Romeo, where is this seam, because I fixed one last week and want to fix this one too.

I guess most important issue are right proportions. It does apply not only to realistic characters but also cartoon or semi-realistic ones.

Good resources can be found here:

Thank you for those images. I was hoping I could find some, but I couldn’t. I’ll match her up.

You are welcome. I am glad if it helps.

Ok, matched her up to the pics JiriH gave me and I found that her legs weren’t long enough and her torso was too long. At the same I adjusted her face and she now looks a bit younger!! :smiley: Does anyone have suggestions on how to make her look younger still? Around seventeen to twenty-one?