Idea and question wiimote mocap

Hi to every one,

after the Johnny Lee hacks (you tube) with a wiimote on pc i decide to try on mac, there are some programs… i try with DarwiinRemote and works.

The wiimotw is a IR cam, if you use like a cam and with IR leds… you can record the leds movements, the output is this:


I wonder if is possibile to convert this output to a bvh or something in blender.

You can put on a person the leds or reflective strips, record whit wiimote and then use this data in blender.

I don’t know if this has just done…

And please let me know

IF it could I will be buying about 12 Wii motes for Christmas

as well as a suit made out of scotchtape and velcro

I wonder what for :wink:

The IR cam can only track four points at once… so you’ll have a bit of difficulty tracking a persons whole body with it… you could maybe track one of the players arms though.

On another note, I think that the data your receiving is accelerometer data, not the IR cam data… note the fact that it has 3 axis (x,y,z)… where the IR Cam should only give you x,y coordinates. I might be wrong.



For the 4 track point, one can use two wiimote (is economic too) and then a good armature constraint system, but someone say that maybe can track more if used like a IR cam (i don’t remember were i read this and if is true).

For the accelerator data… Is possibile to calculate it from a rest position ? like now is 0 then +1…and find the position, is not the same to grab an empty and move with the mouse or with proprety window ?

I’m not an expert in these thing, but i think that can be good to work on, just for fun.

I know that a mocap system is totaly another things in terms of hardware-software-cost.

But if this work can give a minimal mocap data of a person: positions, movement…and then fix it in an Action or Ipo windows.