idea - beta vs vs Git vs buildbots.

I was wondering there several beta pre version of the next version of blender.
One can use the buildbot, or get a version at
Or compile it yourself from github (but that’s pretty complex).

I was thinking about this and wondered, what if there was a buildbot, on which one could select what to include from github branches and that it then got posted into ; or as direct custom version download.

So say you have an interest in a cerain future as based on the
You follow one of these developments, and inside its forum you read that its some github commit number.
And then you tell this advanced buildbot to include that, and perhaps not to include some other parts.
As it might be known that it wont work together with something else.

Such a buildbot would allow for more testing by interested users; who might not be coders (or could be), but could provide feedback. I think it would be easier for coders who are not directly involved into it to keep up with other people as well.

If the building gots automated, then there wouldnt be much compiling problems, where one coder claims that the code doesnt compile, and another coder needs to adjust, or re-explain what to do; so all coders could focus more on the coding itself. And less on the compilers hickups.

for this to work maybe the coder would include some variables so the buildbot could choose compiler for it as well, as recomended by the coder, and maybe some build options.
So he could include a setting to compile it using visualstudio2012, or GNU c++, or borland builder etc, etc.
Also this way programmers might be able to just post their code to this buildbot without being an expert in the build options, or owning that compiler.

well its just an idea

Some way to get builds of branches before they go into master would be great.

Issue is mainly this takes time & effort to setup (have it auto-run on each branch for each commit, for each platform…).

Note: Blender doesn’t use github, I think you mean git, and borland compiler was never supported (is abandonware now), & Embarcadero C++ uses clang, which Blender supports