Idea: EasyIKBones Menu

I don’t know if this is a concept that is best served through coding the Blender sources or coding a python script. But he it goes.

I was wondering if now it were possible to add a function for assigning bones while naming and adding constraints in one loop of action? Say a tools box pops up when a bone is drawn. A Mouse over each bone could automatically highlight it. This box continues to hover over the highlighted bone or bones that are actively being editing. Then you can add any bone names and IK constraints from this preset menu of choices to the active bones. Maybe pressing the R key or the L key could allow you to choose right or left assignment of bone names.

Maybe something like the ESC key could exit this menu?

I know it may be a bit far fetched but I have an active imagination. I’m an artist. Hehe.

Theeth, am I making any sense?

I don’t clearly see what you mean with the suggestion.

However, Hos has an Auto IK feature up his sleeve where you can select the bone in Edit mode, press Crtl-I and it would automaticly create the solver bone, the constraint and the terminator (null bone) if none is present.


Thats freakin’ awesome! That will be SO nice! I’m so sick of setting up armatures (solvers and such) manually…grr…



Tuhopuu already has it dante. Just download a copy from the news section. It is fun, but not done, he was going to make it do the hole rig but it was never compleated.
eh :frowning: ^o^

neato. Is he still working on it?


Well as some of you may already know as you may use other 3d animation systems or just take an interest in those other apps, some “grunt work” processes for setting up a rig are automatic. When I think of new features for Blender I often try to think outside of the box. So I wondered if we could automatically assign the complex features of a rig as we built it from the ground up. Theeth, that’s great news, wow! But I was thinking along the lines of adding features like the one that you mentioned “while” we actively draw our rigging skeleton. I was wondering if we could have some kind of floating window of commands that would allow us to pick through and select a bones name, function and constraint type. And we would do this as we draw the bones. I thought that we could also try to aim for a bone “mouse over “highlighting feature similar to the mesh editing principle that would also allow us to select and rename a bone, etc. and call up the floating window. Maybe we could hit the R or L keys to choose whether a bone is Right or left. Then we could pick names from an editable customized list of bone naming conventions or something. Then after we do this we could get back to the regular Blender system of editing our bones and using constraints. I hope that this is clearer? Would this setup please anybody here? Hehehe?