Idea for a game (WIP) HUGE list of features

After hardly doing anything Blender related this whole summer, I finally thought up a base line for game.
It’s pretty Unorganized and basic, but I think it will be enough to try and start a new game project. I know it resembles games in the Elder Scrolls series, but I think it would be really fun to attempt to make. I know half of the things are way to ambitious to even think about trying, but I’d like to anyways.

Third Person

Adventure/Action RPG

Large World

(Poissible) Creatable Character

Health System

NPC/Enemy AI Systems

Takes place on a Different planet, Underdeveloped

Will not use new Shader functions, or if possible, will use them in a seperate version

Textures will be 512x512 with the exception of Lightmaps

Indoor and Outdoor settings

Horses and other modes of transportation

Multiple Cities

Use of the Bullet Physics Engine

Models will be Low-poly to an extent.

5000 triangles for Main Character

2000 triangles for NPCs and Creatures

Under 2000 triangles for other props and objects

Each town will have abodes, which house one to two NPCs

Each NPC will have daily tasks, such as a job, or exploration to conduct

Mythological creatures inhabit the planet, some hostle, some friendly

Planet will have one continent to explore, size will be small due to limitations

Weapons will be standard medievil protocol, but some newly designed weapons will be added

Foliage will be plentiful, so trees should have only as many as 100 triangles

Skills will be implemented, such as Hunting, Sneaking, Fighting, Etc…

Experience points likely to be obtained from either killing, or doing good deeds

Inventory system, able to hold a max of 25 Items

Potions, food, and other nourishments will be used to regain lost health.

Possible Good/Bad system, similar to Exp. system

Good deeds allow your character to have more opportunities open to him

Bad deeds result in your character making his own choices, such as bad jobs, and killing innocents

Conversing with NPCs, to ask questions or to get advice and tips

Graphics will be semi-realistic, with a fiction aspect to them

Violence will be quaint, no blood and gore, but fighting and language will be there

Music will be added later on, probably three or four long adventure themes, and a few fight themes

Quests or missions will be added, to progress the story, but arent necessary to play

Side quests will be given by some NPCs if you talk to them about it

Certain quests require certain skills, likewise will require wither good or evil traits

Merchants will be placed in towns as shopkeepers, or as travaling caravans you can purchase goods from

Theiving will be important, Pickpocketing and looting will be essential to many evil quests

Saving will be achieved by entering a shrine of sorts, and praying to a statue of the area’s god

Creatures will respawn when you re-enter the area, such as entering and exiting a building, but not NPCs

Gaurds will be present, arresting you for evil doings

Large cities will have more advanced gaurds, some even having traps to catch trespassers

Capitol city will be the largest, and will house the Ruler of the land, as well as numerous highly prestieged NPCs

House’s will differ from spacious to compact, and from very early Victorian to poor huble

Possibility to buy house in certain cities

Money system, coins of different value will be apparent in the land, once gained will add to an amount in your inventory screen

Certain reaccuring NPCs have effects on your character. If you choose to befrend a theif, your character gets dragged into evil deeds and likewise

Weapons will be avalable to purchase from certain merchants, but also are avalable to make yourself

Smithing shops will be placed in each city, allowing the creation of weapons

The more complex and powerful the weapon, the more skill, time and resources it takes

Mining will be possible, skill based

Hunting and gathering will be both skill and accuracy based

Swimming will be a small part, and won’t allow characters to swim underwater

Clothing and armor will be visible on the character as you equip them

Armor will also be avalable to smith in Smitheries

Bows and Arrows will be a big part if hunting and fighting, with the possible advent of Crossbows

Hirable NPCs will be spread across the land, to fight aside you, or help with tasks such as hunting or mining

Hirable NPCs will add an extra 15 spaces to your pack, as long as they’re hired

Cinematics possible, but more likely just animations you can choose to watch or not

Sleeping will be used to regain health and fatigue, as well as make 6 game hours go by

A Day will consist of 24 hours, one hour will be one minute in real time

There will be two seasons, summer and winter

Different creatures will be found in different seasons

Certain quests will only be found in certain seasons

Different difficulty settingsm, Easy, Normal, and Hard

On Easy, Falls don’t hurt the character, enemies are easier to kill, Start out with 35 skill points, easier to be good

On Normal, Falls hurt to an extent, Enemies are average to kill, and get harder as you progress, Start out with 25 skill points, Good and Evil balanced out

On Hard, Falls can kill you if high enough, Enemies are tough to kill, and are usually stronger than you, Start out with 15 skill points, Good and Evil balanced out

Main menu will consist of five different areas, New Game, Load Game, Options, Credits, and Exit Game

New Game allows you to start a new save file, and start from the beginning

Load Game will allow you to load one of your previously saved games, to resume progress

Options will contan four more menus, Graphics, Gameplay, Audio, and Controlls

Graphics - Change the look of the game to fit your system specs, such as texture size, model complexity, and so on.
Audio - Turn the volume up on three different subjects, Music, Sound Effects, and Voices. Also change the sound quality for performance.
Gameplay - Change the text speed, Difficulty, Language (If avalable), and so on.
Controls  - Allows you to change the keyboard controls to your liking, as well as mouse sensitivity, and Key functionality

Credits will contain the names of the people who worked on the game and what they worked on

Exit game will end the game process and return to the desktop

Magic powers are likely not to be added, but might if it’s requested

Coding will all be done in Python, will attempt to use as little scripts as needed for performance reasons.

Script will be writen for the story, probably with MS Word or Abiword, with sketches and descriptions to explain chapters

Textures will be made with GIMP

Models will be made in Blender

Physics will be either a big part or minimal part to the actual gameplay

AI will be smart enough to follow/attack the main character, as well as search for him when hiding

Certain NPCs/creatures will have specialized AI, smarter or less smart

Fighting will be hack and slash style, with accuracy as key

The three main Skills will be Strength, Speed, and Sneaking

I will add and take away things as people request them. If anyone would want to help, that would be a lot of help, but I’m not making this thread to ask for recuits. But I will need help on a lot of things, because I’m new to a lot of these things. The reason I’m doing such an ambitious project is because I want something to do, and school is coming up, so this will give me something to do during my free time on the weekends.

I’ll probably do some concept sketches for the characters, Lands, weapons, NPCs, and stuff like that. I may even start modeling tonight or tommorow.
Thanks for any help.:eyebrowlift:

(Sorry for the long list of features)

Good luck making a game with a list of features usually seen in big budget games on your own, it could take you years at the least to make it extremely good quality even with the quickness Blender provides.

Wow, I don’t even have time to read all of that LOL

While your open to ideas, I have an idea also that’s been forming in my mind, but I can’t do it becuase of my three other game projects :smiley:

1 massive level
2 teams
it’s like a fps, but with 3rd person also
it’s a deathmatch, but there can also be objectives
you cant see an enemy’s name inless your mouse cursor is over, that way you can hide behind trees, rocks, etc and not be seen.

massize level like i said, with ghost cities, forests, rivers, everything

it’d be a fun game that requires team work
there’s archers, knights, or you can be really strong and have no weapons

an idea :stuck_out_tongue:

well, for a large land, you could have an area based system. what you do is, make the different areas in different blend files, than you can simply use Logic to load the area when you cross a certain point. (eg, city gates)

You have free time on weekends?! :eek:

how much do you have?

I don’t care how long it takes, I just want a project to work on in my spare time. Even if I don’t complete it, it’ll still be a learning experience.

Thats what I was planing on doing. But for large land masses without loading screens, I could try to make a simple LOD system, that will load the land with better and better textures the closer the character gets.

Mostly, yeah. I guess I’ll be doing a lot of stuff on the weekdays until the start of school, then in school, I have a computer I can work on.

How much do I have completed? I’m working on a sample default character now, I’ll probably sketch somethings and write a basic storyline tonight.

For my character and NPCs, I’m not sure if I should use on mesh with armatures, which could be controlled by armatures and such, or have each body part seperate, yet parented to the main torso. So far I have it as a Torso combined with the head as one model, the Arm and hand are joined, same with the foot and legs. If I do go for the all together method, how would I make the armatures move in the game. I haven’t worked with the GE for a long while, and it’s not working with the way I remember it.

What skills do you have? It would be interesting to attempt to tackle some of these systems. So I might give you a hand with the Python when I’m closer to wrapping up my current project.

Umm… That’s a big list.

Just for future reference…guards isn’t spelled gaurds.

I hate to be the Social here but…many such projects such as this have tried and ultimately failed. Your going to need far more time than a few hours each week over your summer to complete even a very small protion of this. I’m serious…this sounds like like a one man remake of Morrowind.

I’m not going to tell you to start small as your probably not a noob but I will tell you to drastically shorten this list and attempt to create something that can be realised by one person.

By the sounds of it, he doesn’t really plan to complete it. Just work on it. He just needed something to occupy his free time. Also, it looks like a big list of “it would be cool to do this if I could”. Not “I will put all of these in my game”. However, I’m not a mind reader and could be wrong :D.

Well, I’ll tell you to start small. A lot of the features in your game can be added at a later date, once you get the basics up and running. The huge map, multiple cities, many different style houses, many different NPCs with AI… Once you have one city, you can add another later. Once you have one NPC interacting with your player, you can add more later. And so on.

So, start with a small, simple quest: Player lives in a small (three house) farming village, and must leave the village to recover some valuable artifact and deliver it to an important person in a nearby town (there’s a reward!!). Player has to talk to NPC in the village to find out where to look for the artifact. Player still has to do some exploring to find the artifact, and must fight or avoid enemy monsters while finding it, and must avoid or overcome robbers once he has it and is heading to the town to turn it over to the important person.

Give the player sneakiness points for every monster or robber he avoids, and fighting points for every monster or robber he tromps.

Get that up and running, then start adding the other features, landscapes, quests, choices to be good or evil, companion NPCs, and so on.

also once the above is finshed, it could be released as a demo.

I’m alright with modeling and texturing, but not the greatest. I also know some python, but if you want to help with it, thats cool.


[QUOTE=]Just for future reference…guards isn’t spelled gaurds.

I hate to be the Social here but…many such projects such as this have tried and ultimately failed. Your going to need far more time than a few hours each week over your summer to complete even a very small protion of this. I’m serious…this sounds like like a one man remake of Morrowind.

I’m not going to tell you to start small as your probably not a noob but I will tell you to drastically shorten this list and attempt to create something that can be realised by one person.[/QUOTE]
Yeah, I didn’t use spell check on my list, so sorry for any typos, I kind of typed it up quickly. But I really don’t care if I don’t finish anything too big, but I just want something to work on, I’m really bored. I never said I was going to add all of these features, I just want a list for a reference, so if I do end up getting so far into the project, I’ll add them. Your killing my dreams…cry cry cry., just kidding, but really.


That’s what I’m planning on. Just a small test area to get some of the features working, then move on to the big things. For the Experience and Good and Evil systems, they could both use a similar code, but the Good and Evil code will be able to fluctuate into both good and evil. I’m going to keep working on the main character, then I’ll work on the mechanics of him, walking, running, sneaking, and so on.

i made a sword for your game…seems fun and id like to help


That’s kinda high poly =D

Im kidding… you could add some more detail (not trying to be critical) but no sword has a flat blade =/ it has to be dull and sharp

yeah thats what i thought after i modeled it =P


Ok, I made a (Terrible!) simple character. I textured him, using really really simply made textures, made in GIMP.
This is just a test dummy, the model and textures will be more complex and more detailed in further versions, but for now, this has to do. Mind you, I didn’t use any references, so its really crude. (Attachments)

Now, as you can see, I’ve made him into separate parts. The reason for that is, I don’t know how to get armatures working in game anymore. I knew before, but the method I used doesn’t work, so if someone could help me with that, that’s be really helpful.
Another problem I’m facing, is a movement script for the character. Now, I do have one made from a tutorial, but I’m not sure if it’s a good one.

import GameLogic as G
cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.getOwner()


own.Forward = 5
own.Velocity = 0


forward = cont.getSensor("forward")
backward = cont.getSensor("back")
turnleft = cont.getSensor("left")
turnright = cont.getSensor("right")
jumping = cont.getSensor("jump")
nofloat = cont.getSensor("on da floor")


motion = cont.getActuator("Movement")


jump = 3
speed = 2.5
rspeed = 0.04
walk = 0
turn = 0
jumpspeed = 0

if forward.isPositive() and nofloat.isPositive():
    walk = speed
if backward.isPositive() and nofloat.isPositive():
    walk = -speed
if turnleft.isPositive():
    turn = rspeed
if turnright.isPositive():
    turn = -rspeed
if jumping.isPositive() and nofloat.isPositive():
    jumpspeed = jump

motion.setLinearVelocity(0, walk, jumpspeed, 1)
motion.setDRot(0, 0, turn, 1)
G.addActiveActuator(motion, 1)

Now, it works fine, but I don’t know if there is a more efficient or space saving script. I can’t find any tutorials, or even the tutorial that one was made with, so, any help would be appreciated.


The script looks like the one in Social’s tutorial. I don’t see why you have to use a script for something so simple.

Ok, I made a (Terrible!) simple character.
Agree, but I understand it’s only a test dummy.

I want to use a script, because something always glitches out with it. Sometimes, the character bounces off walls, or sometimes he falls through the floor when he hits a corner, though he hasn’t done either of those yet, so thats what I’ll use.

I’m also using a health bar, setup using logic bricks, from Goldentaiji’s tutorial on Blendenzo’s website. Thats another thing down.