Idea for a Joint Blender Project

I didn’t exactly know which forum section to post this in so please move it where you think it’s most appropriate.

I had an idea in which the whole community can take part. This is all just my opinion. My idea is a joint projects music video. It’ll have many projects in it that you see in the finished projects section. My idea is a race. All the epic cars you see in the forums will be in the race. And on the license plate there will be the person’s name who modeled that car. Only if it’s ok with them. I’ll choreograph and write down the picture I have in my mind.

Majority of the video won’t actually be a race. I believe we’ve seen enough races (plus they’re sort of cheesy) and we should focus more on what takes place right before it. The drivers getting to their cars and the start up lap is where the real magic will be done. At the end of the video the cars will hit the gas and start racing. That will be the conclusion. The feel what I want to portray is the beauty of CG and of the cars. Even simple cars have a certain beauty because they have also been modeled. The atmosphere will have a fun vibe. Modeled cars that we see in the finished forums sections will be the ones in the video.

In my idea the video will be set to the song Tous Les Memes by Stromae. Most of the time the guy is talking will be cut. Some parts right before the music starts will remain. The music is the main thing to be go after. Some lyrics surrounding the music is fine but none of the rest. The song is in French but the beat is of that, “get ready, the sh*t is about to hit the fan!” Haha. The music gives a feel as if you’re getting ready for something no?

Setting: Whenever I think of the race track I think of the one from Cars 2. ( So an urban environment, little bit bigger track, night time, less buildings, and more bleachers. Also, bright lights illuminating the whole area.

  1. When he’s singing “Rendez-vous, rendez-vous, rendez-vous, rendez-vous…” and then the music starts that’s when all the cars will be doing their start up lap. The music right after he sings it is very," dun dun… dun-aany… BAM. The camera will be going over all the cars and when the music comes to the “BAM” the car which the camera is currently on will go and zoom into the license plate and show the name of the person who made the car.

  2. During this music the cars will be shown. As the camera goes over them it should be positioned in a way that shows the cars as if each of them is a “player.” Ready to kick anyone’s ass, doesn’t matter if they’re turbo charged or have more horsepower. Show their uniqueness. Each one of them is trying to assert their dominance when they’re in the camera’s spot light. Maybe by revving the engine, or a shiny reflection shows as the camera goes by.

If the the guys at Blender want to make this feel free to. Thought I’d post this since you guys make animation films like Gooseberry and stuff.

If you’re gonna do it I’d just like credit that it was based off of my idea and was further advanced by people on this thread, the Blender community, and you.

Thanks and remember, feel free to post your opinion and ideas.

Oh, I forgot. What should be the name of this video?

Don’t wish to come across negative but how much work have you done on this project?

Suggest you listen to Andrew Pryce’s podcast about community projects titled “Why I refuse all community projects”. He has some good suggestions on what you should have done if you’re serious. Link:

Listen from about 9-10 minutes in.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHA! I haven’t done anything this is just an idea. I’ve said that many times. What I meant by joint blender project was that the main thing, the cars, would be from the community. I’m thinking this would work if one person or a group, like the guys over at, made this with the ideas of the community.

the blender community does have a thing for cars…
idk about the music video… if you go over to the artists(wips,finished projects) section right now
you see many many failed forgotten attempts to recreate something as epic as the pantural video
(you know what im talking about if you’ve seen it, because one does not simply forget THAT video… and its artist)
and it’s not just that…
tons and tons of people would later have problem with what you did or what you created, for some reason they always do.
and i’m not actually dissing the idea… i think its great!! there’s no problem with it actually… you can actually give it a go and
if its worth it… you’ll have my full support…
but just keep in mind, it’s not a easy project… and the final outcome will definitely not be as good as you expect it to be.

Thanks! :slight_smile: The pantural video? What it’s about? There is no WAY in hell I’m doing this. Just an idea if anyone else would like to do it. Someone with a team, like the bros at Blender who make the animation films like Gooseberry and stuff.

I’m very curious about how much it will cost you to use Stromae’s “Tous les mêmes” in your video.

Shhhhhhhhhhh… no one needs to know :wink:

Definitely something to consider when the song is such an integral part of your idea. Unless you can afford to pay for it then it is probably best to think of an idea that stands on its own merits rather than one that relies on someone else’s work and talent.

wait so you are not going forward with it? so you are suggesting someone else probably to do what you imagined in your head?
is that even possible?

It’s possible. I’m not pointing a gun at anyone’s head and telling them to do it, just an idea I wanted to share.

I’ll try to be diplomatic and not laugh too, too hard.

Blender is mostly a community where we do our own thing, and want response on our own works. Not doing something else for someone else unless it’s
a) a contest - with a prize
b) paid work
and last
c) free simple work to get our feet in the door with someone that might end up paying later or something to add to a portfolio for later work

If you want something done like this - then pay the people involved.

Then there’s the fact you’ll need a heck of a computer to even try rendering this. A dozen or so cars, animated, with people walking about and buildings… depending on how detailed… add in the textures… that’d be 50+MB file. That’s HUGE for some computers to process.

Sorry it’s absolutely silly to think it’d be done.

And then add on that you - who originally was going on as if you’re organizing it - wants to drop the buck as the saying goes to someone else. Sorry but real filmographers stay with the set until it’s done.

Ps. Read up on the copyright laws … you just can’t use people’s music willy nilly nowadays particularly if it’s intended for profit or anything else.

“Hey i have an idea someone make it for me kthx”