Idea for a new feature [Music/Sound]

I was thinking a while ago that it would be cool if you can make music with blender. I don’t know if this is possible, its just a idea.

Its nothing big but its a good place to start (using blender to make music/sound)

so I was messing around with some existing features and one of them was bake sound to F-curves, I was wondering can this be done in reverse, as in bake F-curves to sound?

If you provide constant tone as a source sound you could alter the frequency by changing the dopler shift moving a sound object in 3D space. Perhaps you could use Anim Nodes to plug in movement values? Other than that Blender doesn’t have much in the way of sound modification capability as that is a different realm of development to fund.

Sorry, but no. There are plenty of audio applications out there already - hundreds. They work on completely different bases than Blender. Almost none of the existing tools in blender are useful for editing audio. You are suggesting that we bolt a propane grill to a car, because it would be cool to grill while you are driving.

I think that the confusion comes fro the number of supplementary tools already included in Blender. Specifically the VSE. Having a capable video editor built in seems to suggest that it should have all of the technology typically found in a modern NLE. Sound tools being a core feature set.

I don’t disagree that certain sound editing tools would be useful. Maybe even go as far as to provide VST plugin processing (or something similar…) but music authoring is a totally different ball game and is not an appropriate use case for Blender. Just like you wouldn’t try to produce a score in FCP, you shouldn’t look to blender for synthesis, just processing/editing AT MOST.

So, what will be the next? Make Blender the best bookkeeping app or the best website builder? :wink:

Actually Blender is full with more or less ‘abandoned’ features; there is no sense to have another one too loose focused development more.

Blender uses ffmpeg so we could have some of the audio filters as modifiers in the VSE like reverb , amplify ,echo, etc , but really I don’t see myself using them since blender is frame based and audio is time based and making the two stay in sync is like balancing an egg on a nail

Oh wow, when is the book-keeping addon coming?!!!

wow I don’t go to this forum often enough, I kinda thought this was a ‘out there idea’ I had, maybe some other people thought of it (I’m not the only one thinking this).
I kinda of thought of blender as the the ultimate creativity tool, you can already do quite a lot with it, I just thought I would be cool if it could make music to…

Blender is an amazing tool, but trying to shoehorn too many feature sets in will slow down development on what Blender is best at - making 3D stills and animations. For example - there are many popular DAW software packages out there (digital audio workstation). Few try to combine video editing and audio/music creation. Mostly they have very basic video tools if any. Dedicated apps are easier to maintain, the solution is good APIs and intercompatible formats, not putting every feature into one software.

FWIW there is a FOSS DAW called LMMS, it’s basically a linux-based clone of FL Studio. You may want to check that out if you are interested in creating audio/music.

As indicated by Kemmler, there is no use of adding functionalities that already exist in others applications.
But you can use Blender to ‘mix’ in 3D: just create speakers, assign a track (.wav file for example) to each speaker and move either the camera (= the mic) or the speakers and render the result.
It works well, and I don’t know if it is possible with an other application.