idea for a plugin... would be nice to have ;)

(Andy Goralczyk) #1

i had a nice idea for a sequence editor plugin. a plugie which can simulate the effect of hot air above a flame [dunno how to explain it, i think many 3d apps have that]. i would program it if i had any experience with programming blender pluginsā€¦ so this goes out to all the blender plugin programmer dudes :wink:

hereā€™s the idea:
i create a particle system and the heat plugin would add a postprocessing displacement to each particle, including all the Z and alpha valuesā€¦ for animationsā€¦

how does that sound? do you think thatā€™s possible?


(EnV) #2

Wow, good idea!


(wiensta) #3

just use the warp pluginā€¦

does exactly the same.