Idea for Blender 2.5

I know you are soon going to make an update to Blender3D 2.5, and there is one small thing I want you Blender developers to change in it.

You see, im used to 3DS Max and things like that, which I have kind of used for a pretty long time. So changing into Blender is one big step on the way, but for people who do the same change as I do, let me just ask you to change the controls with the mouse somewhat like 3DS Max. When I go into Blender I am usually looking at it like 3DS Max. So can you guys just kind of change it to a more 3ds max-stylish mouse interface? Just so we woh are used to 3ds max can come in and work with Blender right into it.

I think thats it. Thanks, and keep rockin’!

you can customize how mouse rotation works already (pull down the top bar and there are mouse preferences, among other things)

Also, in 2.50 all of the keys are mappable, so when that comes out, you can set all of your hotkeys to be what you are used to (and I’m sure someone will release a “make the keys like Max/Maya/anything else” pluginn that does it automatically)

I’m not sure how closely you can emulate Max ish mouse stuff right now (I have only ever used Blender and TrueSpace), but you should be able to in the next release.

Hope this helped

Awesome, gee didn’t know that. Thanks!

Blender must be turn to 3ds max
with this, all amateurs can make professional things with Blender, like a feature film

…lol. Endi you do have some extremist views!

Assuming 3ds max could be used for feature films is pretty extremist alright…

Currently the only thing you will really be missing is the RMB menu, and the goofy viewport navigation cube gizmo widget thing…mine is off I obviously hate it…lol

I want my Blender to look exactly like Maya so then people looking at my screenshots on forums won’t know that I’m using Blender. Then I will be famous.


Phase one:
Collect Underpants

Phase two:

Phase three:
Profit! \o/

Funny, I’ve never had trouble learning a new program, even if I’ve used another for years. I just assume that every new tool I get has it’s own way of going about things, and I’ll be better with it if I just learn it. My brain hasn’t exploded yet.

Straight from the 2009 Blender Conference…

5. Enthusiastic users are scarying away the public

A special presentation by Tom Musgrove educated us on “How to be an effective Blender advocate”. His presentation covered common etiquette in the 3d industry, and how not to deter future users from Blender by being obnoxious.

The presentation was good advice for anyone in any field. It’s common knowledge that repulsive behaviour will drive anyone away. But a subtle reminder could be what the community needs right now.

Lol, I still haven’t finished lauging from CDs Durian Dragon (oh sorry, wyvern) thread and yall hit me up with this. You guys are funnier than Bill Murray :slight_smile:

So Endi, you still hate 2.5 or are you warming to it?

Oh Please No !!! That would be horrible. The Blender interface is so much better.

I don’t find this funny at all. I can understand CD’s thread being retarded because it nitpicks irrelevent details, but the man asked a perfectly reasonable question. Many people need the level of customizability we’re getting with 2.50.

wow… original post is an obvious troll… lol… they succeeded… tho it’s not hard… just mention any app being better than blender and be prepared to get lynched.