Idea for Blender to Future

:wink: Idea to improve the blender:
I think the community could implement in blender
a function to render the preview edition of BGE in
even if we do not play game yet
Blender could give a pre rendered textures
so you see a preview of the BGE render in blender.
know that Blender BGE and Render are different renderings.

I say just to put in the blender option
BGE preview in Blender
see the result in real time editing.
poderár this option be disabled and enabled
to be dynamic in resolving bugs.

Another idea of ​​mine is the option to use native
shader graphs photo-realistic Hiper
(The Same thing that makes the UDK and CryEngine)
these graphs simply imports
The effect of rederização video (CPU)
for real-time rendering of game GPU (which owns thousands of cpu cores you love that).

I only question this because I truly find it hard to
Using knowledge of the native BGE to achieve significant overall result,
and Shader_Render_photorealist option if implemented
Not interested in rendering realistic shit,
I want to create a game, create something useful.

:eek: Example of what I’m talking about:
bge-tech-demo-v1 Lars Pfeffer

From: Upitis martins

Physically Based Rendering - Blender Game Engine

But these functions are not native to blender
(The codes are ugly hack script for a specific game, in this case a demo test of the ability of the blender)
And when I do some changes in these environments, comes with many bugs
bugs because not accept another camera
bugs because no other player accepts
bugs it does not match the native light blender
and when I’m going to build something using it,
gives errors and bugs, although it is possible to make changes within the limitations
you can not create a game to test and demo,
this is limited even the demo itself.

then I think we should implement these shaders
in (native) of BGE engine (regardless of camera and light).

being possible to activate the options:
FXAA, SHARPEN, SSAO(screen space ambient occlusion),
Color Correction, FILM GRAIN
PBR(Physically Based Render)
FBO(pseudo lens flare in BGE)
HDRR(High-dynamic-range rendering),
per-pixel lighting, dynamic shadows
scene in GLSL(API),
Real-time Atmospheric Scattering
Procedural Placement Tools & Cover Generation
Real time soft particle system
Natural lighting & dynamic soft shadows with penumbra
Irradiance Volume
Deferred lighting
Real time dynamic global illumination
Eye adaptation & high dynamic range(HDR) lighting
Screen Space Ambient Occlusion
Color grading
“Uber Shader” technology
Blend Layer
Normal maps & parallax occlusion maps
Motion blur & depth of field with sprite-based bokeh
High quality 3D water
Dynamic volumetric light beams & light shaft effects
Volumetric, layer & view distance fogging
High Speed Texture Rendering
Screen Space Directional Occlusion (SSDO)
Tessellation & Displacement Mapping
Screen-Space Reflections
Particles Motion blur & Shadows
bump mapping, reflection mapping, parallax mapping,

:no: Ultimate goal,
is to have an engine that uses this technology natively
example of the end result I think for the engine:

and similar:

Say that blender is not capable, is too lazy to think,
Blender has more potential users that takes maximum
the problem is that all these pieces are scattered,
But if the blender was trading as Unity,
nor would it compare with Unity, but the Next-Gen (The Rich Would Foundation)
Thanks but it is in the reach of everyone and
rise by thanks the community.

It would be nice if the blender also accept programming in C ++ (I think a little bit)

Next Gen Graphic, quickly,
The blender is losing time with the new generation.
But now there is this kind of work in progress,
I’m sorry the way of speaking (use the translator).

I can not schedule API, Shader,
Just use ready-made scripts
and editing logic blender, this may be a possible explanation
to my taste for these deployments,
another reason may be my recent trial CryEngine,
what makes me become more demanding features of blender
But in the end the blender is best for min (not for everyone)

The reason I insist that the bender can improve is by that comment I saw here in the forum:
Blender, Maya, 3Ds Max programs are focused on
Modeling, rendering, prototyping for game,
simulation, creating assets for game_engine.
but it is not good for:
Indie Game, Multiplatform, Professional Game, Commercial game
Unity, Unreal, CryEngine for this.
PS: I think these engines very closed and dificiu of Mecher
(even programmers complain forum)
Blender is a free open source (full version)
Unity 3D in the free version (incomplete version 50/100)
Unity 3D Pro (full version) $ 1,500
(What can be done with Unity Pro (full version) can be done with Blender.)
the unity has a logic editor
“Playmaker” format in Unity Node editor
and yes there is way to market the game made in blender binary without license OpenGL.

could you put games on the blender game consuls and multi-plataformes
One of the common complaints with the Blender Game Engine is with publishing games. While there are many issues related to publishing with the BGE, one issue is the lack of a simple, user-friendly way to publish to multiple platforms. Steps are being taken to resolve this with the new Game Engine Publishing addon que Has Been recently committed to master (should be available in buildbot builds by now). This addon is Intended to replace the old Save As Runtime addon, and Currently Provides The Following improvements.

It’s an idea that I just wanted to see working,
there may be someone thinking I’m talking nonsense,
can leave your opinion before saying this is impossible,
just an idea for the future of blender.

OH. I had to read that a few times. You mean a total WYSIWYG bge? I’d say we have that already mostly with glsl mode. However I think you’re asking for a WSIWYG with post processing effects always on and native to the BGE. Is that right?

for the love of god…


Of course! Why didn’t anyone say this before?!?

Finally, after years of wasted time, and falling behind, we can all now gather around your guiding vision, and deliver something that can compete with the existing state-of-the-art in game engine technology.

This is really a historic moment, and it’s all thanks to you!

I don’t know about anyone else here, but I think you should be our leader for this project. I mean, since it’s your idea, and since it’s obviously brilliant, I think you deserve it.

What do you think? Would you be willing to play the role of director/manager, and help us bring the BGE into the glorious future?

We could really benefit from your guidance, vision, and wisdom!

Thanks man!!!

If you said WHAT is disertativa literal interpretation, thank you,
But if it is an ironic and pejoratively to criticize, I do not doubt that the

blender has potential, I doubt is the ability of its users to use this

potential to the limit (so many possibilities) and much of that do not use

is why many professionals are unaware blender or prefer another


I quiz not say that blender is wasting time or getting atrazado,
My intention is to show the possible changes and improvements
My second vision.
If you thought my comment form opinions
I gave my opinion of improvement need not be radical and see how

Universal Truth, you must criticize (judge) if not, you do not think, I

can is wrong.

You seem to doubt their own ability, (How many games has done in

blender, even simple, they are those who conclude)
but if you want my help from start to finish
I am available for whatever you need
(wait a second, if I’m the leader, it’s you that I’ll need)

I’m not a programmer (I’m a student yet, just know else and while)
But I have time, I thought of creating a production guide,
and what Goran said fits perfectly:
I can be this director / manager and guide them step by step.
As regards the visual item graphic designer, Artist.

Knowledge required:
Addon or change in blender
(After all is not create scripts is to create algorithms that true

form the blender)

Be sure to work with me is serious

The initial idea is simple (or die of boredom) we create an Addon
that inserts the BGE this function:

1 Create addon for option (on / off) on properties
preview preprocessing of BGE.
2 Create addon option to-shader GLSL
in logic_edoitor-> Atuador-> 2d filter-

FXAA, SHARPEN, SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion),
Color Correction, FILM GRAIN
PBR (Physically Based Render)
FBO (pseudo lens flare in BGE)
HDRR (High-dynamic-range rendering)

Making scripts -> addon
does any of what I said.
was just bullshit to say innovation
scene in GLSL (API)
The API but Blender is already OpenGL for graphics,
and the native properties in GLSL
As regards my criticism is not inserting GLSL
but the shader using GLSL (whether or not it would be possible)
The reference Blender game engine
Main article: Blender Game Engine in Wikpedia
Blender Game Engine, also known as BGE, or Ketsji Game Blender is the Blender game engine. Blender Game Engine uses OpenGL for graphics, OpenAL for 3D sound for Bullet physics and collision detection, and Python for scripting. There is a plugin called Echo Plugin, which allows integration of the OGRE graphics with Blender Game Engine. Using the Blender game engine can be used for various things, from creating games, presentations, virtual reality, architectural planning, to aid in animation (using physics to give more realistic movement to objects)

These kids.

you just go ahead and code all of that, or pay goran to, and We will all be very happy,

otherwise, why not just go ahead and make games, and have fun :smiley:

All these line breaks destroy the structure of your sentences making it hard to read.

Beside of that (or because of that) I have no idea what you want to say.

As a student you should already have learnt how to write in a readable style and how to express what you want to say. Be aware this forum is an audience from all other the world. Not all understand English that good to turn your statements into understandable sentences.

To give meaning to the swathes of sarcasm here, what you suffer Is similar to saying: “I hate flu. Flu kills people. Let’s eradicate flu! Who’s with me? Let’s do it”, without actually doing anything. Most people want to eradicate viruses, few actually can.

Your post reads like a spam bot wrote it lol.

The first line of your post makes the most sense so based on that, if you really do have an idea for Blender, why not begin programming it yourself and then share your work with us? As they say, lead by example. You say you don’t know how to program, well, there’s your starting point (fortunately, Goran has some tutorials to get you started). Then again, how can you lead a team of programmers when you have no knowledge of it?

All these “idea posts” really just serve the purpose of mental masturbation (excuse the language) for the OP. Somebody has this great idea but they don’t quite realize how much work is required to actually implement the said idea. :spin:

I love you man!!!

I believe in you completely, and I know you’re going to do great things!

So just be cool, ignore the doubters, and show the world what you can do!!


Your friend 4eva:
~ Goran

Okay, well to receive another response that isn’t sarcastic:
Firstly, Your layout for your post is horrendous. Use the available tools in the post editor to your advantage (use bulleted lists, numbered lists, formatting etc.). Try to write like a human or as if you were writing something for school, taking into account all grammar.
Secondly, you are coming on a bit “arrogant”. The people you are talking to have many years in programming, and many do it for free, which is why the manpower and/or funding necessary for such development is unavailable.
Thirdly, this very topic has been posted a couple hundred times, I would estimate, which is why I presume the immediate negative response.

Basically, it’s an incredible task to do so, and it would require a vast team of very skilled programmers and artists.

Easy there boy!

Are you using an online translator? I see some traces of Portuguese/ Spanish there, explaining your broken structure! Maybe you should format your text before sending it, if you ave troubles, just write it in Portuguese or Spanish and I’ll translate it for you (don’t write a words wall though)…

Most of us know the BGE can do things it was not originally designed to do! But hey, its open source, you can always implement all the things you believe can be done better.

Yes will all wish the BGE was as WYSIWYG as possible, but do we have the budget, personnel and organization/plan/project to do it? Will it actually make it batter. Is eye candy better than functionality. We can fake most of the FX, but functionality is very hard to fake! So, yes, if you believe in the BGE as much as you say, we will enjoy seeing you AAA game! Don’t forget to share more of your ideas with us, we learn every day after all!

And Welcome to the community!

Woah there people! This question is stupid on its face, but you’ve all been tolerating BluePrintRandom for more persistent and egregious violations of rational thought for a long time. Cool your jets. Anyway, the last couple posts were pretty friendly, so just go off of that for a model and don’t reply to ignorant posts if you can’t move the dialogue forward.

Welcome Dan, hope you learn a lot in your studies and move the BGE further along. I don’t think it will ever resemble a commercial package, but if you can contribute anything to BGE development it will be very helpful to a lot of people. Whether you use BGE or move to a more capable engine/editor like Unity, stay involved.

[QUOTE = BluePrintRandom; 2704149] você ir em frente e código de tudo isso, ou pagar para Goran, e todos nós vamos ser muito feliz, caso contrário, por que não ir em frente e fazer jogos, e se divertir [/ QUOTE] Blue_Print_Random códigos já existem, só tem alguns defeitos, eu não sou capaz de pagar um, seguindo o seu raciocínio, se eu vou fazer o código-me a BGE, (Não esperava tão cedo) ou fazer o meu jogo com o que tem, e deixar de lado a BGE. Você não acha que está sendo mais radical, apenas uma idéia. e nós temos que ser realistas e fazer o que pudermos, e não posso dizer que não podemos (afinal, é um desperdício de tempo). que eu pode fazer é tentar criar addons para inserir essas funções em liquidificador, baseada em scripts que existe sobre o efeito desejado. [QUOTE = Daniel91953574; 2704127] NOTA: Eu não sou um programador (eu sou um estudante, no entanto, só sei mais e ao mesmo tempo) [/ QUOTE] Monstro realmente o tradutor não foi ajudado esta: só sei programar usando o “tempo”, “se”, “mais” e “elif” em python. [QUOTE = agoose77; 2704177] Para dar sentido à as faixas de sarcasmo aqui, o que você sofrer é semelhante a dizer: "Eu odeio gripe. Gripe mata pessoas. Vamos erradicar a gripe! Quem está comigo? Vamos fazê-lo ", sem fazer nada. Maioria das pessoas quer erradicar vírus, poucos realmente pode. [/ QUOTE] Eu realmente acho que o tradutor não traduziu o que eu disse. Eu não estou propondo uma ideologia radical sobre o motor de liquidificador , é apenas uma idéia de possíveis melhorias, vídeos Next-Gen era inspirar essas melhorias, mas parece que em altas doses têm o efeito oposto. Pode parecer bobagem para você, mas para outros pode ser algo que cath suspirar na frente de nós, mas nós vemos isso o tempo todo. [QUOTE = agoose77; 2704177]. maioria das pessoas quer erradicar vírus, poucos realmente pode [/ QUOTE] Isso é o que eu disse, se você pensar em algo muito complexo e cansativo, apenas para dar , mas se você fizer algo simples na medida do possível, irá eventualmente chegar. é a diferença de uma pessoa optar por criar o seu primeiro jogo MMOW melhor que crysis, e outros que viram o nascimento deste motor e saber que ela nasceu de um editor simples, com seus efeitos GLSL adequadas, e ter esses elementos de melhoria gráfica. [QUOTE = Mahalin; 2704210] Todos estes “posts idéia” realmente só servem o propósito de masturbação mental (desculpem a linguagem) para o OP. Alguém tem essa grande idéia, mas eles não chegam a perceber o quanto trabalho é necessário para realmente implementar a referida idéia. [/ QUOTE] Concordo com o seu argumento, é o básico de programação para criar algum tipo de jogo que você quer, eu reconheço o esforço que os programadores realmente tem que fazer isso, mas não falam de coisas que não existem ou que estão além da compreensão, como diz o ditado: quer algo bem feito faça você mesmo, eu não vou pedir nuiguém para fazer qualquer coisa, você reivindica o trabalho antes que (então deixa uma bagunça direita). [QUOTE = Goran; 2704232] Eu te amo homem !!! Eu acredito em você completamente, e eu sei que você vai fazer grandes coisas! Então, basta ser legal, ignorar os que duvidam, e mostrar ao mundo o que você pode fazer !! BEM-VINDO À COMUNIDADE BGE !!! Seu amigo 4eva: ~ Goran [/ QUOTE] . Você tem cara que entende do assunto, mas acho que correu para colocá-lo, eu preciso terminar meu curso de python para criticar de forma produtiva [quote = MrPutuLips; 2704245] Ok, bem, para receber outra resposta que não é sarcástico: . Em primeiro lugar, o seu layout para o seu post é horrível . Basicamente, é uma tarefa incrível para fazê-lo, e isso exigiria uma vasta equipa de programadores e artistas muito qualificados [/ QUOTE] eu notei que o meu disposição não é uma linda, isso é por que não fazer um dia meu primeiro post. segundo, essa idéia revolucionária e distante que eu proponho, que só pode ser feito por uma grande equipe de totalente’re profissional errado, a minha ideia é o oposto, é uma pequena idéia de pequenas alterações feitas nas seções (você não pode alcançar a Lua com um salto), o que pode ser feito por qualquer pessoa que entende do assunto, basta ter atitude. [QUOTE = Luftmensch; 2704319] Se você usa ou BGE mudar para um motor / editor mais capaz como Unity, ficar envolvido. [/ QUOTE] Não unidade eu não, eu muito bem acomodados no liquidificador, graças Unity Pro é o mesmo que o liquidificador, mas comercial e multi-plataforma, eu faço não gosto da idéia de ter que pagar R $ 1.500,00 e no liquidificador tem projetos para o seu futuro multiplataforma. Veja Unity propaganda de plataformas de destino ($$$) "As plataformas suportadas incluem BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone 8, Windows, OS X, Linux ( principalmente Ubuntu), Android, iOS, Unity Web Player (incluindo o Facebook), Adobe Flash, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U e Wii. " Eu sempre vejo a discussão sobre o potencial de parada liquidificador em publicidade para outro motor, você esqueceu o liquidificador potencial. [QUOTE = torakunsama; 2704260] A maioria de nós sabe o BGE pode fazer coisas que ele não foi originalmente concebido para fazer! Mas hey, o seu código-fonte aberto, você sempre pode implementar todas as coisas que você acredita pode ser feito melhor. [/ QUOTE] exatamente, não quero ser arrogante, me desculpe se eu dei essa impressão, eu quero ser útil com a idéia. Agora, de volta a citar o problema (o vírus da gripe) embora haja toda essa tecnologia, por que não ver o liquidificador usurfluir esse potencial em seus jogos, só vemos protótipos incompletas do motor é por isso que é um código específico para o efeito do seu autor scheduler, parece dizer que a minha falta de conhecimento em falar o script gambiarra quando ela dar mais potencial, mas o poder está nas mãos de poucos, nesse sentido, (se não ouvir a resposta, estas melhorias já existe ou é em andamento, e não o “Oh meu Deus !!!”). Agradeço a crítica, mas vou levar tempo para ver as respostas aqui novamente, para adicionar mais comentários, e eu tenho algo produtivo para fornecer o fórum.

I think this thread is a misunderstanding of open source. In open source, people with ideas do not suggest things to people working on projects and expect them to be done. In open source, if you have an idea, and want it put in a project, you get the source, and put it there yourself.

Sarcasm rarely works on the internet. Only because I’ve already encountered enough ofyour other work do I realize its sarcasm. I don’t think the original poster quite picked up on that.

Hey, the Open Source community is not only composed by developers. User ideas/wish list/brainstorming are allowed. But Daniel91953574 seems to be proposing a radical change, a whole new project. In that case he should start a new project instead of asking developers to do the work for him.

By the way, I think sarcasm is not the right method. Maybe Daniel91953574 is a young guy with lots of potential and good intentions, and it would be better to leave the sarcasm aside and instead simply explain to him what is wrong in his approach.

I remember ridiculing BluePrintRandom on multiple occasions, for “persistent and egregious violations of rational thought” (very apt phrasing, btw).

As subtle as it may be, I think there’s a difference between “tolerating” and having little other choice but to live with someone.

It wasn’t meant to “work”, in the traditional way that sarcasm is supposed to “work”. It was intended to serve as bait, which would bring out OP’s likely nature (that of someone who is ignorant, painfully unaware of that fact, and yet arrogant enough to think of himself as a viable “manager/director”).

Also, it was a bit of therapy for me.

That won’t work at this point. His level of delusion is far too high, and he basically just thinks that we don’t have a “crysis-like” engine because we never had the idea to make one, or because we didn’t have someone like him to “manage the team”.

Genuine efforts to “explain matters”, in this context, are just as pointless as sarcasm.

His idea is nothing but “let’s make it look good” as if we weren’t already trying to accomplish that among other things.

He doesn’t even bother to write it in English. I don’t see much sense in replying to him in length as he’s going to use translator and break the message anyway.

If he had true interest in developing BGE he should spend it by:

  1. learning English
  2. learning what BGE does currently and how it does it
  3. learning C++ and graphics programming, study other game engines
  4. committing to the BGE development himself

Currently he is too ignorant and illiterate to be of any assistance to development and is an example case of Dunning-Kruger and pseudo-intellect as he constantly stumbles with game engine terminology he tries to use.

I personally just hate to see this thread get any more attention due to general gullibility. There are enough people like him to last a lifetime in answering and explaining. Don’t waste your time on this while there are many unanswered posts made by people that put some effort in getting to know BGE and trying to make something with it before complaining it’s not Crysis.

Alright sure good job “discovering” all those technologies. Now what? are you expecting someone to google those, find their sourcecode compatible with C/++ as a first result and copies it, pastes it and bam… blender has it?
Or… how about adding YouTube links for other engines tech demos in blender’s source code so blender can have these features?

Btw it’s better not turn this thread to a fight with BluePrintRandom.