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Okay, apologies for sounding like another " I need this feature or I can’t Blend again!" thread, but I had a moment last night when trying out the sculpt features in 2.44 where something clicked.
In Sculpt mode, under the Sculpt header menu, you have the ability to press F to scale your brush, Shift-F to strengthen the brush, and Ctrl-F to ROTATE the brush (freaking sweet, I must say :slight_smile: ), and I thought " this would abso-lute-ly be awesome if this functionality was in the paint/texture paint tool set - think about it, the code is there, it just needs to be manipulated more!!
Okay, please don’t flame me, I just had a lot of fun trying to make a crocodile for my daughter last night, and though it would be cool to be able to rotate the brushes when I textured it. The rotate works on procedurals, which really was interesting when I was able to cross hatch the wood grains to get a woven mat look on the plane under the Gator/Croc.

Maybe 2.6 or somewhere in there, I can wait… :slight_smile:

It’s quite useless to write such things in this forum, it will be probably forgotten…

This is right place:

Popski, thank you for pointing me there. I created an account, but that page doesn’t seem to be active - looks like it has been moved. I’ll need to look up the page that it has been moved to, and try to post a request there. I brought it up here because this forum is where the users that might agree or disagree will pick at an idea, and possibly prove why it is already existing :slight_smile:

At lest now I have a wiki account sign on :slight_smile:

I hope that page is good - it’s the one I update! It is the current location; it was moved there from another place. It is, AFAIK, the only real place to post feature requests. You can try the forum at too.

You have to request editing rights.

So I think I have editing rights, as you say, since it allowed me to access the text versions of the entries there… but I don’t know how to make an actual feature request from the page I went to on the link above. I saw the index, then the seperate headings below, and then I figured I’d place a request under the Texture heading, since it mentions paint tools. I clicked on that, but still didn’t see anywhere to type in a request. “Corn-fuse-er-ing” as I always say, but maybe I’m missing something. I usually only peruse the wiki, and thinking about contributing gives me goose bumps :slight_smile:

Sorry, but now I’m just flustered. I have to get on irc channel, or email someone, then get editing rights to post a request for a feature change/addition, then edit(?) a page that is protected to submit an idea for a feature that makes sense… :eek:

I guess I don’t understand then, since I got an account on the wiki to do that, but I still have to get permission then. And so all the other people that put up ideas here in the forum are just blowing hot air? I wonder…should we have a feature request forum here, then? I mean, something that is direct enough to be considered/watched by the developers that do visit from time to time…

Nevermind, I’ll go back to my corner and sulk awhile.

Probably, yes. This is like talking about Blender bugs here, most likely no one who is able to fix it will not find your post here, you can read about proper steps for reporting a bug here:
Keep in mind that the bug tracker is not intended for feature or support requests.

So, if you have some Blender request you must first register on BlenderWiki because there was spam abusing in the past…

You can also write feature requests in the developers forums.

I’d start with that.