idea for hair

i had a idea for hair(i am not sure if anyone has done it before).what i do is i take two vertices that are connected and parent it to the object i want the hair to be on and then put duplevert on the object so all i have to do is ajust one strand and it is alot easy to control(i think)than use biezer curves but once i go to render it nothing shows up,by the way i am using static particle to,even if i push the mesh button the mesh won’t even show up in the render does any one know what is wrong

sounds like a good idea even if you dont know what the period key is for and the thought just kinda runs on into one long sentence that goes from idea to sort of a description of the problem i am sorry you are having this thing with hair but bezier curves are really neat and flow like hair so even if you did get the vertice parent it to the object you want to have hair thing going it would be all straight like she stuck her finger in a light socket or used starch or way too much hairspray and then went outside in a really really strong wind and just blew it all straight so i think you really have to try the Jashaka particle patch and search this forum for a really good video on what you can do with that build which is available at and next time you see your grammar teacher you should ask him or her about like what is with the comma and semicolon and period thing anyway cause using them really helps us read what you wrote.

But thank you for spelling well. Also, vertices don’t render; faces do. so you have to make a face out of three or more vertices.

::collapses laughing::

Anyway, what he said, except that it’s Jahka’s particle patch, I think. Not Jahshaka, which is a NLE Compositor project.

thanks for the help.I don’t now why i thought that they would render:o