Idea for Mantaflow Clouds Module

First of all i am not a programer and got no knowledge about Mantaflow internal code rules or limitations but want to explain my idea…and took an image from internet as an example

Could be possible to write a Cloud module for Mantaflow using its smoke simulator with the predefined 10 main type of animatable clouds?

I know how to create clouds using different ways and technics but think this would be the most powerful aproach…
Also mixing clouds or smoke of different colors the posibilities would be endless

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i like the idea of more presets in general.

More physics code for specific animation would be needed i guess… maybe some kind of AI behaviour for clouds even.
To be able to mix different dynamic behaviours inside one domain or more and make them react one to each other mixing voxels space shape and colors/volumen textures…
It will be done sooner or later i guess along with CPU+GPU calculation etc… time will tell

yes, i think even without animation, but the right parameters like densitys and all other properties the “material” has, would be a good can create the domain and animation to your own.

presets like:

heavy oil smoke
sand storm
clouds in all variations