Idea for Moods

I was talking to my therapist today about color and music. She was saying how classical music has been proven to help calm the temperal lobes in the brain. I then came up with a plan that I’m working on, although I’m a bit manic, I think it is a good idea and very doable. Let me know if you think otherwise or even have any suggestion, advice, or would even like to try it out. Ok, here it is.

What I’m working on creating is something like ‘environmental medicine’. It has been known for a long time that music, or sounds in general, and color can affect moods, concentration, etc… (Smell also plays a role, I may look into that with aroma therapy later.) With that known, the question come down to wich ones for what mood and so forth. That I looked up on the internet and cross matched with several sites to make sure they were at least somewhat valid. Then comes up the question of implementation for the right perception and type of perception. That is what I’m working on. Right now I’m researching into what kind’s of music, sounds, and especially the key of music or note, affects what part of the brain. From there I’m going to start off with just simple desktop themes and background based on what you are trying to achieve and/or fix.

For example, say you have to write a program, or even do a graphic, and want to concentrate good. You could select the theme in which will help you to mentally focus better. My therapist was telling me about some overlays she saw that had colored patterns that you could overlay what your reading on your desk. The color patterns then affected how you took in what you was reading.

Let me know what you think. Because even for people without any type of mental issues, I think this could be valuable. I think most people would like to learn a little better, or concentrate a little better, or perhaps even just know what color clothes to pick out for what occasion better :wink: :slight_smile:

Cool, just used some basic backgrounds I found that was done in the shades needed, and placed objects of the desired color around the desk. The created radiosity made the right atmosphere needed. I can not rule out psych effects though because I was aware of it. From stuff I’ve read and some things I’ve tried this is what I’ve found:

Green - helps to control and limit obsession and promote fresh thinking and feeling

Orange - eases stress and anxiety while promoting vibrance and focus

Purple/Indigo - calms fears and promotes general tranquility

Blue - give general fresh cool sense of tranquility and thinking

Also, I have read online that Mozart has a peticular effect on the temporal nodes. This being the part related to attention span and emotion and such. This is what is affected by those with ADD. I tried a few and I can honestly say that if felt good. I guess only after I get multiple people to try it over time will I be able to tell for real. But it sounds right. It just makes you feel so bouncy and flowing.

Yeah, I saw or read somewhere that classical music’s rhythms and frequencies mimic that of the brains when relaxing or sleeping ( i could be wrong there, but the upshot is still the same).

Oh and be carefull with Blue, it can give serenity, yes, but I read also that for those that have blue as a favorite colour or are exposed to blue too much, it can get pretty derpressing (hence the expression, feeling blue…me thinks). Oh yeah, I read it in a Body&Soul magazine. It promotes these natural therapy methods.
Heres one colour you missed:

Red -> gives an outgoing and outspoken loud characteristic. Or something like that, I cant remember where I put that issue of Body&Soul…

On the issue of finding which keys/notes have a good effect, I’d suggest you look in the sequence and frequencies and rhythms of Keys, not the individual key or note itself. A note by itself, is just noise. It’ll only irritate.

I’m a big fan of visual and aural impact, I like what your doing. :slight_smile:
Good going :slight_smile:

I like your ideas, color is a very powerful mood effector and so is music.

Oddly enough when I’m having a bad mood day I turn on a CD of Indian drums and flutes, the thumping of the drums seems to calm my heart rate.

Your right, I forgot to mention that. Also with red, you shouldn’t use it much if you don’t need that kind’ve energy. Such as mental patients, or I find it can actually freak out my mania, which isn’t usually a good thing. Orange is good because it is inbetween red and yellow, so you get the serenity and crispness of the yellow and the energy and such of the red.

I was always skeptical of such things. But when you think about it, all colored light is is energy. So the different colors are indeed going into your brain and acting differently.

This is a very intriguing idea. “Applied mood therapy”. There must be studies out there involving the effects of certain colors and sounds and such on brain waves. It might be a good idea to first see if there are any cultural differences in the perception of the stimuli. This info is probably out there too. Or maybe you could do a poll of some sort.

hmmm, i like blue, my rooms blue, i wear blue and i live by a big blue sea…maybe i could use a little orange. :wink:

this is a great idea acasto, 8)
regarding sounds, you said about classical music. Personally i find strings to be the most evocative. Very calming, but also capable of powerful feelings. I’m guessing they would fit the ‘blue’.
Brass sections and warm colours as well me thinks. Thats obviously just what they mean to me, but it’d be great to find out the general feeling.
keep it going :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Blue is a lot of folks favorite color. I know it’s mine.
Infact I remember when M&M/Mars asked people to vote for the color of the new M&M. Blue was only one of four choices, but you knew that would be the winner.

This is great, it really works. Indigo (kind’ve a blueish purple) really works to calm you down. I was noticing some of my books on manic-depression, and the color schemes was very peculiar. Because the book was written by a Ph.D with manic-depression, I can see now why (if she and not the editor) choose them. One is black, grey, with some red. The other is orange-brownish black (earth-tones), but the effects are intriguing towards the books content. I’m still trying to figure out which colors would be best for just casual work. I’m thinking earth-tones towards the orangish end. Perhaps some green intermediently. But I’m keeping a notebook and keeping tracck of everything. I’m hoping to get a lil site set up just where I can post my notes and stuff for thing like this. Kind’ve like and ‘odd projects’ site. Oh well, gotta go, I’m formatting a new winXP installation… so much fun to kill :wink: :slight_smile:

What if you want to make an angry little image? :smiley: Hahaha!