Idea for new Blender feature: Object Visibility, please!

Why isn’t Object Visibility included in Blender?

I think it should be. So tha you can animate its visibility. Currently I can only animate visibility/transparency using the Materials and set it to transparent, but even after the object has vanished completely from the view, it still casts shadows.

For Cycles, see here:
“Ray Visibility”.

What if I am NOT using Cycles?

Philosopher, not sure if this is what you need. But you can animate object visibility in the ourliner. Right click on the eye icon to keyframe it.

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No, that is not what I want. THIS is what I want:

(From 1:15, watch how part of the castle disappears to show the development)

I want to make this effect in Blender.

That is possible.

For a very simple fix you can simply enable ‘transparent’ shadows on all materials. Then, when you animate the visibility via the material properties it won’t cast a shadow when it is fully transparent.

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For those that are looking for a easy solution to this, I’ve made a short Blender Tip video on how to easely achieve this with the new Blender 2.8 Principeled shader Node.

Hope it helps!

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