Idea for new thread: "Didja Know About ...?" or: "My, How Blender Has Changed"

Blender is, of course, an extremely active open-source project, with new fee-churs appearing pretty much all the time. Such that, especially if you’ve been using the tool for a while and have become a bit “set in your ways” … heh :spin: … there might be many important new time-savers that you … heh, I … didn’t even know existed and had not noticed.

Maybe we should start a thread or topic about … “didja know that Blender now …?” To better get the word out, about the new and marvelous additions that have come along recently.

For those of us that don’t bother to read the release notes every time a new version comes out, I think it’d be a great idea to be able to come to one thread and see what’s new and how it works.