idea for stargate SG1 episode

what if Urgo got put in lord Yu or maybe BA’AL ?

Isn’t any idea an idea for SG1. Man that’s bad sf.
O wait,… that’s your point?
What if all the characters turn into a character from star trek and replay episode 1, that would be something. Teal’c can be Uhura, 'cause there is no worf in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Seriously man (dippmaster) you need a life or something badly… this is just sad… i dont know what you need… but knowing that much about some show and making ideas for your own episodes… 'nuff said…

just because i’ve seen every episode and have seasons 1-7 on DVD doesn’t mean i don’t have a life. i just happens to be my favorite show.

I rest my case

well if you knew what i am talking about you would know you would only need to have seen 2 episodes to understand my post

STFU HEADCHEESE. Can’t you go one day without making fun of someone and being a total jerk? If all you want to do is make fun of a post then don’t even bother responding.

I watch the show a lot too, although I don’t know every character. Dipmaster, Who is Urgo? I’m not familiar with this character.

ahh im just pullin you leg dude. :smiley: srry. i watch it too. pretty good idea. Sorry

Urgo is an annoying “imaginary friend” of SG1 in the episode Urgo. he makes them hungry, thirsty, and annoyed. i mean teal’c drinks a half gallon of hot coffee in about one minute.
you can find pics and the transcript here:

Now I remember. That was funny. Too bad they got rid of dumpy bald guy though… he was the best character on the show.

i just think that if a gua’uld got implanted with Urgo it would be the funniest episode made yet.

i love that show!

How about an episode where they travel to a world where the show doesn’t suck any more?

I miss the old days. :frowning:



I think its because SCi Fi took over the show.