Idea for Water simulation: Will this work? Is it plausible?

Alright. This may or may not work.

  1. Create a partical system that might act as splashing water or flowing water or something.

  2. Create a metaball and parent it to the partical emitor. Turn on dipliverts

I have tried this somewhat but my computer is much to slow to do this. It seems that this COULD work, but im not sure. Can particals be effected by gravity? It yes, then this would work even better than i hope…



hmm, i think i know what you’re getting at, im just rendering something atm, i’ll post a link here if its what you mean. it looks pretty cool though!

okay, is this what you meant?

water thingdeeley

Ancient Chinese secret: Parent a meta ball to your particle emmitor and with the emmitor selected, press dupliverts. For more control over the direction, parent the emmitor to a lattice. Just make sure you don’t have a whole lot of particles in your system before you do this, or it will take forever to animate.

I tried this as well. I will post my results in the morning.



I think I’ve done this before, and with good results. Just make sure you don’t have too many particles or your computer will act like molasses!

Now we just have to figure out how to do liquid dynamics that react to gravity and collisions in animation :wink: