[Idea] Laplace - a game where you can fight through games design

For a while now I’ve had an idea for a game where the main story is just a bunch of interactive tutorials that teach you how to use Blender, Unreal Engine and maybe some other open source programs.

The player can exit whenever they want, however they need to create their own character first or select one that’s already been created, after that they can go into multiplayer mode, when they arrive they can walk around in the 3d viewport, and they can start using Blender or Unreal Engine to expand on their character or build a base to protect themselves. And they can zoom all around the map, however while they are in the editor they are still vulnerable to attacks.

I think that the players would have 1 million health, you know to make you feel really op and maybe the amount of damage you can do per attack is like 10,000 or something, so you have to be creative in different ways to improve the damage output, you can have as many attacks as you want, maybe a cooldown would be good I’m not too sure.

The main purpose of the game is to teach people about games design and challenge each others game design skills, sure there are competitions and livestreams online to compete in, but I think a deathmatch sounds way more fun.

For me I’m the type of guy who say if I knew everything about games design, I would want to teach everybody else everything as well so I can get interesting fights and maybe one day there will be somebody who rivals with me and I’ll strive to best them, creating an infinite loop of progression.

Would doing this go against the GPL, would a lot of coding be needed to achieve this.

Personally I’m more of a blueprint guy, so if somehow actually using programs in the game defies the GPL, I’ll find a way to replicate what’s used in the programs.

This is an idea I’ll do a lot more research and think about creating into in like 5 to 10 years time.

I would one day like to create this game all by myself, but if I struggle really hard, I’ll consider asking for help from others.

I would call this game Laplace and everytime you edit something, this will happen.

By the way I am still studying games design and nowhere near perfecr, if you thought I was being cocky before.

I would greatly appreciate your comments and ideas.

If my idea gets stolen I don’t mind, as long as I get to compete with somebody in the game.

A generic modeling game is a good idea actually.

Phase 1: Modeling, only a few basic tools: add basic object, scale, move, rotate, extrude face, brush painting. The player has to match an existing blueprint. First level can start with very simple stuff like adding and scaling a sphere then difficulty increases with each level.

Phase 2: Testing, once the model is done, switch to game mode where it will be tested against another model or something. The better it is, the higher stats will have.

Can be really boring if not done right though…

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Thanks for the feedback, will be a long time before I know how to start working on this game, but until then the best thing I can do is gather ideas.

Me and my brother thought of a good game idea a few months ago, so I’m just teaching myself stuff in order to make that game.

Maybe in the future I’ll share my progress of that or something, I reckon I’ll be able to make it within at least 3 years hopefully.