#Idea Mouse over icon 'comments'


…actually I’m not sure if that’s exactly what I mean-I haven’t found a file it works on yet; but the idea is you could mouse over and hold on a blender file (.blend) and have notes pop up; like, so I could list all the models actually in the file and/or something. Like if you mouse over a jpeg a little beige square tells you the file type, dimensions, and size. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen comments there too from time to time. I have a file called “Ship” that has 50+ models in it I could reuse in other things; Same for “House1” etc. Would be nice to have details without opening the file.

Being new to blender im probably off with this suggestion, but why not start your own “library” ? Export all your assets as there own items.


Look for (or write) a python script which will list off all your meshs and log that to a database or text file.

Just some food for thought.