IDEA: New Viewport for blender

Hello, it is just an idea, today seeing tutotials for blender, i found this link:, i have an idea: create 2 viewports, one is the default viewport and the second is DirectX/OpenGL Viewport for see in high graphics in real-time, and i have another idea: add support for export animation in-realtime with high quality (like CryEngine 3 CinemaBox)


We sort of have these already, GLSL mode already does support ‘high graphics’, with the exception of custom shaders of course, and we can already export opengl animations. Splitting the viewport is doable of course too.

That’s not really an “idea”, that’s just something you saw somewhere else and you’d like to see in Blender.

Maybe after the OpenGL refactoring, somebody will come along and implement some of these fancy features like Tesselation, SSS and Depth-Of-Field. But apart from those things, I see very little that you cannot already do with the powerful GLSL material system. Maybe the problem is rather, people don’t understand how.

I would like to see better control of the OpenGL shaders in the viewport. I haven’t touched Blender or BGE in a while, so I don’t know how it is currently, but I remember being a little annoyed with how unintuitive it was to create decent looking real-time renders for doing quick mock-ups.

And what would be the point of it? I know this progressive viewport display looks nice, but there’s really no use in it. If you want to make things for games, then you really don’t care how it looks in a progressive display in blender if you’re going to export it to UDK or unity, which can have completely different implementation of SSS, bloom etc. If you want to get an idea of how you scene would look rendered you can simply use cycles - in like 5 passes you get the idea and it’s much better than any viewport approximations. I almost always work in 3ds max without this, because every pan or rotation in the viewport resets this and it starts over, so it’s not really good for working. And finally - how would this work with different renderers and their materials?

hello, thanks for your response, i want a “new system” for make animations in-real time for Blender (highlight a lot if incorporated in the future, the next-gen technology is real-time …), i know than it is possible (see CryEngine CinemaBox), and i was thinking it would be good idea share my opinion :), i love blender (more than maya or 3ds max), but i am thinking you are right, because cycles is perfect!..


you will never see direct-x in blender, I hope not at least.
regarding the playback of animation or even direct feedback from blender viewport to a real-time environment, I’ve seen such with Threejs (WebGL), I don’t think it’s impossible problem is more find a plugin writer, I read in the 3d world mag that there’s a dude working on cryengine - blender integration, even though it’s extensive they don’t have the cutting edge streaming from maya viewport to cryengine I’ve seen. but that’s not really that super necessary for asset creation.

with more time cryblend might be there, it’s still supercool there’s a plugin for blender - cryengine.

hahaha i found this video…

hahaha Blender have it from start and it is called cycles! Blender in some way is really on the 1. place…

ever heard of Blinn’s Law ?