idea / together work? (peace/love)

Hi All,
am longer thinking about to show/little bit change/help - with the currrent situation (starving/wars/global warming/spending/stealing/war between religions) etc…- everything except pure human love/peace.
And because of that am thinking about to bring some message (a bit of peace and love) from CG. Like a new challange, or some project of some group (maybe a short animation/maybe some collection of images)…
…what do you think?

I don’t know… I kind of like war and stealing and stuff… it’s kinda cool.

sorry, Satan made me say that.

(no really, I’m something of a Buddhist. I follow the idea that all pain and suffering comes from our desires being frustrated. If we didn’t have such strong desires, like the desire for wealth or stardom or success, we wouldn’t be sad when those desires are unfulfilled, as they inevitably are. I don’t agree with the Buddhist approach of rejecting the world as a dream or illusion and retreating in to meditation and the search for an “escape” in to nirvana.

I too would like to make some art work which helps to change the world for the better, helping people to not frustrate themselves with impossible desires, and hopefully helping them to be more happy with what they have, whilst at the same time raising awareness of the real suffering people in the developing world are subject to. Because of course, for those few who do realize the dream of becoming rich and famous- and often not any more happy or fulfilled, the cost is paid by the poor of the third world and the underclass of our own societies.

However, if you want to create art which really communicates a message of deeper spiritual development and helps people to become happier with their own lives you have to be a little more sophisticated. It’s really not easy to break through the barriers of greed, arrogance and complacency which the people who actually have power in the world and are able to affect change, have wrapped themselves in.

The task is considerably more difficult when you see that there is no agreement on the type of political or ideological solution to the problem. How can the undeveloped and developing world be made considerably richer without creating unemployment and suffering in the developed world?

Communism doesn’t work because it just replaces money with less fluid structures of power, our current model of capitalism is so far from the true model of dynamic change that it can’t possibly create solve the problems of the world. Religion is unable to introduce positive change because of it’s focus on tradition and preservation of existing power structures.

Personally I believe that the only possible direction is further development of international free trade, with tighter controls of ethical and environmental behavior for multi national businesses. Can you rally come up with a good CGI project which encourages people to embrace the idea of free trade whilst at the same time convince powerful international corporations to give up some of their freedom of action in exchange for a larger potential for growth and development? You’d also need to include something which helps convince nationalist movements and ordinary voters within the developed world to accept job losses, reduction of benefits and state welfare in exchange for increased international security and a reduction in terrorism and international conflicts?

All my own art work tries to address these issues, but it has to be done in an indirect fashion, helping people to understand without being preachy or simplistic.