(acasto) #1

I had an idea, although I think it may be a little nuts. I’ve seen some really good works on the finished forum lately, and came across a post proposing the making of a demo reel for blender. So why don’t we just have a “Battle of the BlenderHeads”, where we just casually post work like we normally would in the finished forum. But there would be a ‘behind the scenes’ competition between all of us there. So lets say someone posts something that is good, then others will try and make something better, and so on. No rules, no deadlines, the only goal is to be the best. Then by the end of whatever, I think we will have some really kick-ass pieces that could be worked into a demoreel of some sort.

(mrmunkily) #2

Let the games begin.

(theeth) #3

Hail Ton, those who shall blend salute you 8)


(acasto) #4

All I have to say… BRING IT ON!!!

(Timonides) #5

I definetely think it’s a hell of a good idea… I’m in…


(rogerm3d) #6

Are you people ready to lose :wink: :wink: jk
Well I think im in even if i cant make good artwork :frowning:
I shall do my best

(iluvblender) #7

\me waiting for exams to get over.


(blengine) #8

dont forget to make game content too! that demo reel craves interactivity

(bgrav) #9

yeah, good idea - I will try and do something, if I have time!