Ideal character

Is there physics option that is like dynamic, can jump like a character, and only push objects certain objects like rigid body? When I use a dynamic and use motion->character motion it will jump (pun not intended) to the z cords and then fall. not realistic like when you use character and motion-> character motion, how do I get this?

Hello dancreator,

This is the system i use for making a dynamic object jump like a character motion

Jump.blend (465 KB)

I learned to do this from a comment in a youtube video

What version of blender are you using? In 2.69 (added in 2.67 I think?) if you use the character physics type, under character motion there is a jump toggle button. The force for jumping is defined under Jump Force in the physics tab, not the Z location property.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

How do you choose the character physics type in Blender 2.69? When I go to the physics tab, I don’t get the option to choose the character physics type.

the character physics are buggy, the player when walking of an edge warps to the ground.

@1eaper: You must go to Blender Game Engine. If you are already there, then you probably don’t have the current version of blender.

@Headhunter Xamd: Not true, they are usually buggy when some code the user wrote interferes with an already existing physic or code

@cubedparadox:Yeah, I do realize that, but you need a lot of constraints. If I used that, I would need 2 properties, one for jump on/off, and another for jump timer. A lot of work, plus you still won’t be able to jump onto a moving platform and stay with it