Ideal Memory for Blender?

Hi all!

Which would you say is more important for Blender (rendering performance): memory speed or latency? Obviously capacity is great, but that’s an easier, cheaper upgrade later :wink:

for rendering, I’d guess mhz, latency, to me at least means speed(“snapy-ness”) in realtime editing(audio editing, f. example).

Speed and cyclic latencies are measures of performance, not capacity.

The most reliable speed measure is the data transfer (MiB/s).

All things being equal, I’d go for the memory with the highest transfer rate that my motherboard supports, patiently building the fastest system. However, if a scene requires 8GB to render and I can buy 6GB of faster RAM for the same money, I’d buy the slower 8GB. Why? Because when memory is insufficient, your computer does “disk swapping” – memory is mapped to the HARD DRIVE. Everything would be much, MUCH slower.

So, do a few tests. Go for the capacity you need, then buy that – the fastest you can afford.