Ideas for a simple BGE addons: implementation prototypes, discussion

In unity its very easy to preview your scene. For example, you have an simple ego perspective to walk around your models.

It bugs me, to create an spectator mode or a walk-through setup from scratch, every time I start a new bge project/testfile. Also I dislike to link them to my scenes and create instances of such setups.

I have written a little toolbox, that adds some viewmodes to the bge.

There is no need for any logic bricks or python setups. All setup work is done behind the scenes if the operator is executed. After bge exit, the created objects are cleaned up.

please, tell me what you think. This could be easily transformed into an addon…

Download Link:

Addon branch on gitorious:

The bge-addon branch already contains some more addons:

  • MatMan (Material painter for stencil maps) by Doc Holiday
  • BatchBaker from project Mango

Unpack the archive, copy the bge_toolbox folder into 2.63/scripts/addons/ directory in your blender home dir or your blender install directory. Enable the addon as usual at userconfig->addons->bge toolbox

Currently included stuff:

  • spectator (w,a,s,d + mouse)
  • egoview (w,a,s,d + mouse)
  • modelviewer (mouse wheel drag)
  • arealview (mouse wheel drag for rotation, mouse wheel shift drag for panning)

Currently not implemented:

  • 3rd person viewmode
  • 2d viewmode

You can change the construction setup at or change the implementation under bge_scripts. These are more quick&dirty hacks that you can exchange with your own viewmode implementation. Have fun.

EDIT: !use with care, it deletes objects after bge exit! Do not name your objects with two underscores.

greetings, moerdn

Hi moerdn,

I think the link is relative to your account. Can you refresh it?

Sorry Monster, its fixed now. Thanks!


For quick running this seems to be fine.

For a game I think it does not allow enough options to customize this. At least it looks like it hides such options.

Beside that I think it is cool.

How does it work? Does it add a set of game objects?

Yes this is very useful. I even recommended on the Unity forums once that they should support camera bookmarks like UDK.

So you press a number and a camera jumps to that bookmark view <— but this could be done with a blender python script

As far as I can see, it’s not just pressing a number to jump to ‘favorite’ camera views, but actually adds a simple camera setup so that you can test-drive your scene, so to speak. You wouldn’t have to setup a first person camera setup or anything - the add-on handles it for you.

It seems very useful, and I like the idea a lot. Great work, moedrn!

yeah, this is more useful, but I was suggesting another related idea.

This operator only adds some objects, creates bircks and connect them all together. The script for mouslook and such things is created from a string.

It’s quite hacky atm, but you get an idea of how this works:

alt+p and then 3d-view->toolbox

there could be implemented some further settings, like speed, sensitivity in the user interface. I also think its possible to create a really complex logic setup.

best regards,


Modelviewer implemented and various other viewmode stubs created.

I’ve also created a branch for collecting BGE addons on gitorious:

greetings, moerdn

Cool, moedrn. I like the different view mode idea - it seems like it’s very useful, particularly when you’ve got a complex scene already set up. Does it work across scene changes?

The logic is created only in the starting scene. It would be possible to add it to other scenes, that resides in the opened blendfile. The camera is automatically set to the viewmode camera at run time, so scene changes would work, I think.

i like your works moerdn really , in this case
i found more simple having a actuator “mouselook”
this can be only one camera obj, without other dummys

i like your works moerdn really , in this case
i found more simple having a actuator “mouselook”
this can be only 1 camera obj, without any other dummy objects

I really just want to provide a simple plug&play solution for level exploring and of course new bge users. If you take a look at udk or unity, they implement easy ways to explore the assets or the whole level without having to create custom logic.

By the way, the scripts that are executed at bge runtime are easy to extend. I have added another view mode for strategy game kind of things.

sorry, i see the video now.
i got , very cool idea.

should be also more cool having a UI totally game oriented , without all tool-trash model oriented that make a big mess.
and instead having more toll as this.

PS:what should “blender game render” but it does not

This looks like a great addon. I’d be happy to have it in Blender. Do you accept donations?

Perfect moerdn. Up untill this little addition to the bge, I have been linking/appending a mouselook object from other .blend files which was starting to annoy me as I was constantly adding unnecessary objects to scenes. This is one of those simple additions that removes some annoyance when designing environments etc…

Is there still time for this to be added to 2.64? Hope so.

^^ Thanks. For now the stuff I’m doing is more or less for improving my bge workflow. If its useful for other, nice.

I’m not sure how the process looks like to bring an experimental addon into blender. You can simply download the folder and copy it to the addon folder.

First post updated. Should also run on windows.

I love it,Thanks!!

Regarding the “modelviewer” preset, It would be nice to have the alternative to select a object from a drop-down menu and use that said objects coordinates instead of manually type them in.:slight_smile: