Ideas for creating an Italian Piazza

Hi guys,

I have started modeling an Italian church, and I’d like to create the piazza round it. Any ideas as to how to create a cobblestone marketplace without too much regularity, and also, how to make mock-ups of the surrounding buildings without modeling the entire town?

I know how to use arrays, but I’d need to get some variation into the stones.

Thanks again!

blenderugu has a tut on cobblestone street

its’ a start!

happy 2.6

Thanks Ricky once again, I’ll go check it out.

For surrounding buildings, take a look at this tutorial on Group Linking.

Thanks Ridix - that one came in handy in my church project, for I have four chandeliers of eight lamps and this makes it easy to manage the lights!

Ah. Apparently the cobblestone tut is removed. Any other pointers to that subject?

well check out at cgcookie there must be some tut on stones!