Ideas for Future Blender Releases

I was wondering if Rigging will be looked into in future releases.
We’ve had Animation recodes mainly from orange project, and modelling tools (Sculpting).
I was wondering if rigging will be focused on.

Some of the ideas are

  1. Facial rigs for example “face robot”.
  2. auto-rigs for bipeds, quad-peds. Just place nodes at all joints of the body, and press a button, and a rig will automatically “join the dots” for you.
  3. Muscle rigs.

Any ideas on implementation of these ideas? I’m all for easier but dude that is a pretty hefty order you are asking. :eek:

A muscle rig would be nice, it would go a little like this: you place an armature and configure it’s constraints, (range, rotation) including the “power”(strength) , then Blender generates a set of muscles according to the capacities of the joint and the length of the armature…
And then you press “wrap” and a soft body covers the armatures and muscles, and voila: a model, then you can edit the model and regenerate te muscles beneath, this would subsequently affect the armature, or the form of the muscles, depending on preferred settings.

Also the type of muscle should be specified (I think there are 5 types of muscle, if memmory serves me), some are flatened, some bulge, some stringy, some wired… aand I guess I should get my muscular anatomy for reference before I start saying stuff…(my appologies).

Ideas are the first step to a finished product. The next thing to do, is take the hard yards and put it together. Or take the easy way and get somebody else to do it for you. It would be useful to have such rigging modes, but it doesn’t take that long anyway.

Thing that’s -at least to me- a biggest Blender’ disadvantage- lack of centralized material editor, a place where you can visually identify/choose all materials used in scene, without necessity of clicking on objects.
Another feature (or a modification) that would be very usefull is adaptive subdivision in sculp tool- a feature that would help to avoid making entire mesh very dense in order to work with just one detail. Sure, it can be done by hand but if any solution similar to ones used in Mudbox or Zbrush would be possible it would move tool on quite new level.

Qouted for agreement.