Ideas for simulating a sock... being put on.

So I want to animate a foot being put into a flat-ish sock. The end effect is having the foot wear the sock.

My first attempt was to make the ‘sock’ object be cloth (leather defaults), then deform with the foot in the presence of 0 gravity. It works ok if the sock is already mostly open, but deforms horribly with a flatter opening, resulting in most of the sock inside-out.

I’ve tried adding constraints to limit vertex deformation to just x and y, but the cloth modifier ignores those regardless of order.

Any ideas?

I’m still on 2.49. Thanks!

Morph maps…!!

Do you mean ‘shape keys’? I’m not finding any blender specific tutorials for ‘morph maps’, but what I am finding sounds very similar to SKs. I’m trying to stay away from that in case I ever want to reuse the animation on a different model (more for an exercise though). I can shape key the animation, with a little work. I’d rather have a shrink wrap effect take place over an ipo curve, but that’s not working either. At least it’s not as long as the opening to the sock is closed. I’d still like to lock the location of the opening in place, but not in diameter.

Thanks for the reply!

Use the shrink modifier and shrinh the sock to the foot, then pull the sock up usig keyframes. :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry!! I meant SHAPE KEYS. yes…worth a shot.