Ideas for stuff to eat when your jaw is broken?

I broke my jaw last week in a cycling accident and it’s now wired shut! While this basically sucks, everything could be much, much worse, so I’m trying not to complain too much.

I’m confined to a liquid diet for the next few weeks – smoothies and other things that come out of the blender (that aren’t too chunky, or they won’t go through the gaps in my teeth). It’s annoying finding a variety of things – you can only eat so many smoothies before getting tired of them – does anyone have ideas or recipes to spice things up?



from one Matt to another:

pudding (the american kind, not the stuff made of fat)
cheese whiz
whipped cream
baby food

and anything you can fit in a blender (including small animals:evilgrin:)

ouch! hope your jaw gets better asap. and sorry my mind is plank… :frowning:

Le ouch!

I hope you feel better soon, I imagine you took a pretty bad fall. As for food, you could try blending up some chicken soup with rice, that should fill you up, and it’s better than having something sweet all the time.

Not nice, but a good time to polish up that ventriloquism act you’ve been putting off. :evilgrin:

But seriously, I can’t think of a better place to post this question than a Blender Forum! :no:

No really - sorry you’re feeling down in the mouth. Get well soon.

I got my wisdom teeth out a couple of weeks ago, so I had to go through that too.

I pretty much just “ate” V8’s, Ensures (chocolate vitamin drinks) and chicken broth. Make sure you get a lot of nutrition, you don’t want to get weak or sick.

The first semi-solid food you get to eat will be the greatest tasting thing in the world after eating just liquids.

I believe this is the Off-Topic forum, meaning things that are unrelated to Blender can be posted here.

Besides, people here tend to be more creative than other places.

Yeah, soups to counter the sweet stuff. Toss some overcooked pasta into the blender with some spaghetti sauce. Split pea soup. Yogurt.

Well, you could take the opportunity to expand your culinary horizons… just throw stuff into a blender, puree and drink… who knows, you might find a fondness for chocolate cake blended with chili… :eek:

And don’t take any sea voyages if you’re prone to seasickness either… :wink:

But seriously, I lived on V8 and Instant Breakfast for about two weeks when I developed a “de-acceloration trauma” injury to my lower jar. A Volvo stopped my R1100RS for me by running a stoplight and I took a short flying lesson over the handlebars… :spin:

Hope you’ll mend soon and become a carnivore again… :cool:

Dude - Blender. Like to blend, liquefy and puree in a ____. It’s a pun! :eyebrowlift2:

Oh man - I’m taking myself too seriously.

Anyhoo; we’ve got these strawshere in Australia that have pellets of flavoring built in. If you drink warm (not too hot) coffee through a chocolate one of them you won’t care much about anything else for some time!

Hope the jaw’s feeling better soon man. I lost all the flesh off my elbow the same way. Took 6 months to return to full functionality.

Things that come from the Blender…
Photorealistic renders
Fluid simulation
Soft Bodies
Physics engine

These ingredients have been specially proven to help soothe and help mend a bored soul.:cool:

But seriously, I hope your jaw’s back in order soon - I cant stand to live without my meat:spin:

i used to own a smoothie place. there’s lots you can do. Get chocolate protein and milk and peanut butter for a reese’s peanut butter cup. Lemon juice concentrate and peaches. good luck, bud.and i hope the other guy at least got a black eye.

Warmed and blended first of course …

Oyster soup.
Creamed soups (musroom, celery, broccoli, etc.).
Crab, lobster or shrimp bisque.
Chipped beef and country gravy.
Refried beans, taco chips and chicken broth (hot sauce to taste),
Grits with salt, pepper and butter.
Potato salad (maybe with bleu cheese and sour cream… probably not warmed)
Tomato soup.
Boiled eggs with butter, salt, pepper. Maybe some broth to help liquify.
Beef stew.
Avacado shakes.
Extra large diameter straws from micky d’s or someplace will help.

You will make it! (Try to keep a stiff upper lip through it all though! J/k…good luck! (I broke both of my wrists about up to the elbows a while back, had to walk around with both arms in casts for about a year, it was hell trying to open coffee cans or wipe my a**! I do love fresh boiled crabs, and boy did that create some problems…Life goes on. :slight_smile: )

Your life is now a fluid simulation. Try to make a simulation of your “food” entering your mouth :yes: .

ice kreem! lots of milky products (unless you’re a singer)

Er - does that mean he should bake it first?

soup is always yummy.

Whey powder (why not get muscles while having a wired jaw)

sucks to be you (mind the pun)

as far as bike accidents go, you got off in the middle i think. worse could be way worse, but better could be a few scratches. lucky at the end of the day i would say though, nothing perminant is it?


I’d avoid any steel or rock based food products

Stay away from rigid bodies for now…

Again from one Matt to another who’s also had his jaw broken, I ate a lot of soup and porridge! One thing that I did was make a nice thick soup like pumpkin or sweet potato, and get some mince beef. I’d break up and chop the meat really finely, cook it in a pan, then chop it some more into tiny pieces, then just mix it in with the soup and swallow the little pieces whole. The pieces weren’t really that much bigger than after normal chewing, and digested fine. Can be remarkably tasy when seasoned with herbs, garlic, chilli, etc. You can subsitute or mix in other small pieces of proteiny things too, like tuna or egg, and if I wanted carbs, I made congee for the base instead of vegetable soup.

I really didn’t like the idea of blending all sorts of other food into mush, so I pretty much stuck with soup (which is meant to be in that form :slight_smile: and went through the various recipes I could make or get at the supermarket.

I feel sorry for you, I luckily narrowly escaped having the wire, the bottom part of the jaw was hanging on by a small part at the top, so technically it was a fracture. I still couldn’t open my mouth any wider than roughly a centimetre though for about 2 weeks, and it sucked. It got better really quickly after that though, although weak, I could start moving on to firmer foods without trouble, so don’t worry too much! Next taekwondo tournament I enter, I think I’ll make a better effort to keep my hands up and in the path of other peoples feet.