Ideas for things to model and 3D print

I’m trying to come up with ideas for a project I can do over the weekend. I can make character models, but I don’t really feel like making a sculpture. I want to either make something small and sentimental (it’s hard for it to be sentimental when it’s made out of plastic, but I can also make it into a mold and make it out of plaster of paris), something decorative, a prop of some sort, or something with gears and moving parts. Since I want to model it myself, I want it to be something original that I couldn’t just find and download from the internet. Any ideas?

Looks like you’re contradicting yourself. Everything already banged, came out of Nothing & now, everything is in motion, based on foundations already made, so just start exploring.

No matter the medium, art is “our” way to surpass matter & function. Expression impresses, creates emotions… words become flesh.

Simply listen, if you wish to hear your muse.

one of these must inspire you somehow

How about a set of old school scales with weights?

You could try making beer mugs.