Ideas on troubleshooting this crashing problem

I imported a car model .obj into blender and everything was working great until I came onto this problem. I’m using 2.68 official

There is one object that makes up the car (there are probably 15 objects total) that crashes Blender immediately everytime as soon as I try and put it into edit mode. I can apply materials (in object mode) without problems.

Originally this was the one object that I had added subsurf. I deleted the subsurf just to rule out the problem, but still crashes blender everytime.

All other objects can be selected and I can go into edit mode with no problem.

What other things should I try and troubleshoot to find out whats wrong?

Since 2.68 official a bunch of bugs are cleared on daily builds available on Download, unpack, run.
If that does not help i’d use Meshlab - import obj mesh and save it have helped here with that kind of errors. It might state what’s wrong on opening obj file.